American Language Institute

The American Language Institute (ALI) is SF State's intensive English program for non-matriculated students. The majority of ALI students are international students preparing to enter San Francisco State or another American college or university. ALI provides a full-time, academically focused curriculum in English as a Second Language that gives students both the language and strategies necessary for academic success in the United States. There are five levels of instruction ranging from low intermediate to advanced. Students must enroll for a full session (12 weeks in the fall and spring, 10 weeks in the summer), which involves 22 hours per week of classroom instruction. Students are expected to regularly attend classes and maintain good academic standing to continue in the program. Part-time study is not permitted. All applicants must be graduates of a recognized high school or secondary school. Located on the main campus, the ALI is a program in SF State's College of Extended Learning.

In addition to language instruction, the ALI offers a variety of student services, including assistance with cultural adjustment, immigration advice, and a regular program of social and cultural activities. The ALI also provides special benefits to its students who wish to attend undergraduate programs at SF State: ALI students may meet the university's English proficiency requirement through successful completion of particular levels of the ALI program and may also take advantage of special application deadlines.

Furthermore, the ALI serves as a training institute for selected students in the SF State English Department's Master of Arts in English: Concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Following an intense semester of training, those graduate students become instructors in the ALI under the supervision of the full-time, permanent ALI staff.

For further information about ALI programs and future session dates, please contact the American Language Institute.
The office is located in HUM 101
Phone (415) 338-1438