Graduate Certificate in Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Certificate in Ethical Artificial Intelligence – 10 units

Students must take one course of three or more units in each of three areas: (1) AI Technologies and Applications, (2) Business Ethics and Regulatory Compliance, and (3) Ethical Principles.

In addition, students must write one 10-page single-spaced research paper. This report will ensure that students apply the knowledge they obtained by engaging in a case study type of analysis at the intersection of artificial intelligence, technology, and ethics. The report advised and will be evaluated on a CR/NC basis by one of the faculty in charge of the certificate program, selected to match the technical and educational background of each student.

AI Technologies and Applications (3 units)

Select one in consultation with an Ethical AI Certificate advisor:

CSC 869Data Mining3
CSC 872Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence3
PHIL 827Philosophy and Current Applications of Artificial Intelligence3

Business Ethics and Regulatory Compliance (3 units)

MGMT 850Ethics and Compliance in Business3

Ethical Principles (3 units)

Select one:

PHIL 828Philosophical Issues in Artificial Intelligence3
PHIL 855Bioethics3

Research and Reflection Paper (1 unit)

Select one:

CSC 899Independent Study1
MGMT 899Independent Study1
PHIL 899Independent Study1

For more information, including advice on how to apply and obtain the certificate, please visit the program's website.