Minor/Certificate in Athletic Coaching

This sequence of courses is for students who are interested in coaching and/or pursuing a career in coaching. It provides the knowledge and skill base required for coaching club, school, and community athletic teams.

All coursework used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Athletic Coaching, Minor/Certificate — 22 units

Core (17 units)

BIOL 220Principles of Human Anatomy4
or BIOL 328 Human Anatomy
KIN 331Peak Performance3
KIN 355Science, Sport, and Fitness3
KIN 404Sport and Exercise Psychology (KIN 250 prerequisite not required if non-Kinesiology major)3
KIN 486Motor Learning (KIN 250 prerequisite not required if non-kinesiology major)3

Electives (4 units)

Select two courses from the following:1 (Previous competitive experience in the sport or consent of instructor is required.)

KIN 305Instructional Analysis: Track, Field, and Gymnastics Floor Activities2
KIN 307Instructional Analysis: Basketball and Volleyball2
KIN 308Instructional Analysis: Fitness Activities2
KIN 309Instructional Analysis: Soccer and Softball2
KIN 620Advanced Practicum in Kinesiology2
KIN 621Advanced Practicum in Kinesiology2

Culminating Experience

KIN 570Directed Coaching Experience1

A one-season coaching experience in youth athletics, recreation leagues, interscholastic, or intercollegiate athletics in a sport in which a coaching course is selected.