Cross Registration Program: University of California, Berkeley

The Cross Registration Program is only available during the regular sessions of the academic year and specifically excludes summer sessions, winter session, and extension. In addition,

  • Cross registration is limited to one course per quarter/semester at UC, Berkeley only.
  • Cross registration students must do late registration at the host institution.
  • If the student drops the course prior to completion, it is the student's responsibility to notify both the host and home registrars and to fill out appropriate forms to avoid the recording of a "failure."
  • Grades are reported by the host institution directly to the Registrar's Office of the home institution. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the credits have been incorporated into the official records of the home institution.
  • In some cases, the host institution may charge tuition.

Cross Registration Conditions

The following conditions must be met before a student may register for credit at another member institution and have the credit accepted toward fulfilling graduation requirements.

  • The student is matriculated, in good standing, and currently enrolled in a full-time degree program.
  • The desired course is not offered at the home institution.
  • The student has the agreement of the faculty advisor or department chair, has satisfied any prerequisites, and is acceptable to the host institution, presuming space is available.

Cross Registration Procedures

  • Cross Registration Application Forms are available at each Registrar's Office.
  • Obtain the signature of the faculty advisor or department chair and the Registrar on the completed form.
  • According to the time schedule for registration at the host institution, hand carry the Cross Registration Application form to the host campus' Registrar's Office for signature. The Registrar keeps a host copy.
  • Pay any tuition, laboratory, or special fees charged by the host institution.
  • Return the original to the Registrar's Office at the home campus and retain a student copy for your files.
  • International students need to verify full-time status with the Office of International Programs.