Certificate in the Autism Spectrum

This graduate level certificate is designed to prepare highly qualified professionals to meet the unique needs of learners on the autism spectrum disorders in diverse settings. Through participation in coursework that includes embedded field experiences, candidates will acquire applied knowledge of current theory, research, and practice to guide them in working with individuals on the autism spectrum from early childhood to adulthood. Candidates may include educators, therapists, advocates, family members, adults who identify on the autism spectrum, and others from a variety of fields and backgrounds. Graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts and/or Education Specialist Credential in Special Education may have the option of pursuing the degree, credential, and certificate concurrently without adding additional requirements. Students possessing a master’s degree in special education or a related field may complete the certificate program, including prerequisites, as a post-master's degree program.

Admission to the Program

The specific requirements and procedures for acceptance to the autism spectrum graduate certificate program are as follows:

  • Students must meet the standards required for candidates for a master’s degree program in special education or provide evidence of advanced graduate training (master’s degree) in special education or a related field.
  • Students who wish to concurrently pursue the certificate, the Master of Arts in special education and the Education Specialist credential must complete at least one semester of preliminary credential coursework.
  • Complete a Department of Special Education & Communicative Disorders application, for the program in Special Education, including a statement of purpose, two letters of reference, official transcripts, and a résumé.
  • Interview with program faculty

Completion of the Program

The student must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA in order to continue in and complete the program.

Written English Proficiency Requirement

Students must meet the Written English proficiency requirement by demonstrating competence through a written examination during the first semester of enrollment and the completion of a written paper.

Autism Spectrum Certificate — 12 units

Course Requirements

SPED 791Nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders3
SPED 825Behavior and Instructional Supports: Autism3
SPED 794Communication, Socialization and Imagination: Autism3