Minor in Animation

Animation is a rigorous, cross-disciplinary production program encouraging creative storytelling, social issue documentary and artistic experimentation. Using techniques like drawing, stop-motion, 2D/3D digital, mixed media and effects animation, students apply research from their respective majors to short animated projects. Students gain a strong foundation in animation principles and methods applicable to creative, industrial and scientific fields. Admission to the minor is open to all students with upper division standing. Enrollment is limited and requires a portfolio review. Positive portfolio review admits students to CINE 360, which is offered in the Fall semester only. Enrollment in subsequent classes for the Minor requires a grade of C- or better in the required animation courses. All course work used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Animation Portfolio Review

Students must meet with an animation advisor to be admitted into the Minor.  In addition to their portfolio, students must bring an unofficial transcript and Degree Progress Report (DPR) to confirm upper division standing.  Current portfolio guidelines and Animation advisor office hours are listed on the School of Cinema website: http://www.cinema.sfsu.edu/people/faculty

Portfolio Guidelines

It is highly recommended that students take a beginning drawing and a life drawing class before the review. Portfolios should include students’ strongest work and be limited to 20 pages assembled in one book.

  • Four to six pages of life drawings done from live subjects (not from photographic references).
  • Four to six pages of rough and gesture style sketches of animals and humans in motion (not from photographic or cartoon references).
  • Two to four pages of color and design work that may include drawing, painting, photography, 2D and or 3D design.
  • Two pages of recent personal work in any media.
  • Optional: up to two animation or film samples on a DVD or portable drive (MAC compatible).

Animation Minor — 15 units

Required Courses

CINE 360Animation I (Portfolio Required)3
CINE 362Animation II3
CINE 365History of Animation3
CINE 466Animation III3
CINE 468Advanced Animation Workshop3