Experimental College (EXCO)

EXCO 301 Topics in the Experimental College (Unit: 1)

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.

Collaborative learning experiences in which students cooperatively explore a given subject based on their expertise and experience, shared engagement with materials, and a sense of joint ownership of the curriculum under the guidance of a trained student leader. Topics to be specified in the Class Schedule. Activity. May be repeated for a total of 5 units when topics vary.

EXCO 401 Organizing Experimental College Courses (Units: 1-4)

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing and completion of an approved Experimental College preparation course.

A teaching practicum course for student instructors trained and prepared to lead EXCO 301 courses. Students participating in EXCO 401 will prepare materials and activities for their 301 course, discuss practices to facilitate learning and discussion, and participate in other teaching activities. May be repeated for a total of 8 units.