American Ethnic and Racial Minorities

Courses approved for the SF State Studies American Ethnic and Racial Minorities requirement should: present views of one or more groups of American Ethnic and Racial Minorities both from the perspective of the group and as an integral part of American society; encourage the study of values, attitudes, behaviors and/or creative endeavors that acknowledge and respect the dignity of all groups; and present a thorough analysis of the historical experiences, social stratification processes, political activism, basic cultural patterns, aesthetic experiences and/or ideologies, and include one or more of the oppressed groups of color: African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, Pacific Islander Americans, US Latinas/Latinos, South West Asian/North African Americans, and people of mixed racialized heritages.

Courses certified as meeting the SF State Studies requirements may be upper or lower division, may be in General Education (GE), a major or minor, or an elective. Not all of the courses listed below are approved for General Education. 

A U 302Bay Area Culture (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP)3
A U 303/HIST 451Bay Area History and Society (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 110Critical Thinking and the Asian American Experience (A3, AERM)3
AA S 210History of Asians in the United States (D2, AERM, USH)3
AA S 211Contemporary Asian Americans (D1, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 212Asian Americans and Mass Media (C1, AERM)3
AA S 213Asian Americans and American Ideals and Institutions (D3, AERM, SJ, USG/CSLG)3
AA S 214Second Year Written Composition: Asian American Studies (A4, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 216Introduction to Asian American Literature (C3, AERM)3
AA S 218Asian American Culture (C2, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 301Asian Americans of Mixed Heritages (UD-D, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 320Chinese in the United States (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 322Chinese American Language and Literature (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 323Chinese American Identities (UD-D, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 330Nikkei in the United States (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 332Japanese American Art and Literature (UD-C, LLD, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 333Japanese American Identities (UD-D, AERM)3
AA S 350Filipina/os in the United States (UD-D, AERM)3
AA S 352Filipina/o American Literature, Art, and Culture (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 353Filipina/o American Identities (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 360Koreans in the United States (UD-D, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 370Vietnamese in the United States (UD-D, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 372Vietnamese American Literature (UD-C, AERM)3
AA S 373Vietnamese American Identities (UD-D, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 377Cambodians in the United States (UD-C, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 510Asian Americans in California (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AA S 512Asian American Children's/Adolescent Literature (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 514Asian American Community Arts Workshop (UD-C, AERM)3
AA S 516Asian American Photographic Explorations (UD-C, AERM)3
AA S 540South Asians in the United States (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 570Southeast Asians in the United States (UD-D, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 581Asian American Women (AERM, SJ)3
AA S 582Asian American Women's Literature and the Arts (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 584Asian American Sexualities (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 585Asian American Religiosities (UD-C, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 587Asian Americans and Environmental Justice (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AA S 588Asian American Media Workshop (UD-C, AERM)3
AA S 591Asian American Community Health Issues (UD-B, LLD, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 595Asian American Communities and Public Policy (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 681Asian American Community Changes and Development (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 101Introduction to Africana Studies (D1, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 111Black Cultures and Personalities (D1, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 200Introduction to Black Psychology (D1, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 201Kemet, Afrocentricity, and the Dawn of Science (AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 202Black Men's Studies (D1, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 203Black Social Sciences (D1, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 204Black Creative Arts (C1, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 208Introduction to African American History (D2, AERM, GP, SJ, USH)3
AFRS 210Introduction to Africana Literature (C3, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 214Second Year Written Composition: Africana Studies (A4, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 215Introduction to Black Family Studies (D1, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 221African American Music: A 20th Century Survey (C1, AERM)3
AFRS 230African American Gospel Workshop (C1, AERM)3
AFRS 256Hip Hop Workshop (C1, LLD, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 260Power, Racism and Africana Liberation (D1, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 266Black On-line: Cyberspace, Culture, and Community (C2, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 300From Africa to Olmec America: Ancient African Prehistory and History (AERM, GP)3
AFRS 326Black Religion (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 335The Black Woman: A Cultural Analysis (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 370Health, Medicine, and Nutrition in the Black Community (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AFRS 375Law and the Black Community (AERM, SJ, USH, USG, USG/CSLG, CSLG)3
AFRS 376Government, the Constitution, and Black Citizens (AERM, SJ, USH, USG/CSLG)3
AFRS 400Black Arts and Humanities (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 401Pan African Black Psychology: A North American, South American and Caribbean Comparison (AERM)3
AFRS 450African Philosophy and Cosmology (UD-D, AERM)3
AFRS 515Black Family Studies (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AFRS 645Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (UD-C, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AFRS 665Black Journalism (UD-C, AERM)3
AIS 100Introduction to American Indian Studies (AERM, SJ)3
AIS 150American Indian History in the United States (D2, AERM, SJ, USH)3
AIS 160Survey of Native California (D1, AERM, ES, SJ)3
AIS 205American Indians and U.S. Laws (D3, AERM, SJ, USG/CSLG)3
AIS 230Urban Indians (D1, AERM, SJ)3
AIS 235American Indians: Image and Issues in the Mass Media (C1, AERM, SJ)3
AIS 300American Indian Studies Research Methodologies (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 310American Indian Religion and Philosophy (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 320American Indian Music (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AIS 325American Indian Art (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AIS 330American Indian Law (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AIS/AFRS 350/LTNS 355Black-Indians in the Americas (UD-D, AERM)3
AIS 360Modern American Indian Authors (AERM)3
AIS 400American Indian Education (UD-D, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 410Perspectives of Native California Indians (AERM, ES)3
AIS 420Native Genders and Feminism (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AIS/SXS/WGS 440Native Sexualities and Queer Discourse (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 460Power and Politics in American Indian History (UD-D, AERM, SJ, USH)3
AIS 470American Indian Ethnicity: Problems in Identity (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
AIS 535American Indian Film (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
AIS 550American Indians in Contemporary U.S. History (AERM, SJ, USH)3
AIS 560Modern Creative and Performing Arts (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
ARAB 101First Semester Arabic (C2, AERM, GP)4
BECA 201Life on TV: A Critical View (C2, AERM)3
BECA/WGS 485Women and Media (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
BIOL 176Science and Politics of Stem Cell Biology (B2, AERM, SJ)3
BIOL 318Our Endangered Planet (UD-B, LLD, AERM, ES, GP)3
BIOL 332Health Disparities in Cancer (AERM, GP, SJ)3
CAD 120Child Development, Social Justice, and Academic Success (C2, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
CAD 260Children, Families, and Community: An Ecological Perspective (D1, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
CINE 331Hollywood Representation of Race and Ethnicity (AERM)3
CINE 375U.S. Culture and Cinema of the 1950s (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
COMM 120Language, Culture, and Power (C2, LLD, AERM, SJ)3
COMM 541Critical Approaches to Culture and Communication (UD-C, AERM, SJ)4
COUN 450/RRS 460/SXS 460AIDS and People of Color in the U.S. (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
E ED 602Advanced Curriculum Study in ECE (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
E ED 603Promoting Young Children's Social and Emotional Development (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
E ED 604Advanced Issues in Collaboration with Families and Communities in ECE (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
E ED 616Language and Literacy in Multilingual ECE Settings (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
ECON 540Economics of Gender (AERM, GP, SJ)3
ENG 526Age of the American Renaissance: 1830-1860 (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
ENG 602Literature and Society (UD-C, AERM)3
ENG 655Literature and the Adolescent Reader (AERM)3
ETHS/RRS 100Introduction to Ethnic Studies (D1, AERM, GP, SJ)3
ETHS/RRS 110Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience (A3, AERM)3
GEOG 455Geography of Ethnic Communities (AERM, SJ)3
GEOG 552Geography of California (UD-D, AERM, ES, SJ)3
H ED 120Educational Justice, Health Equity, and Academic Success (C2, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
H ED 221Health and Social Justice - Burning Issues, Taking Action (D1, AERM, SJ)3
H ED 241Health and Social Movements in the United States in the 20th Century (D2, AERM, SJ, USH)3
H ED 315Drugs and Society (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
H ED 414Women's Health - Problems and Issues (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
H ED 417AIDS: Contemporary Health Crisis (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
H ED 455Community Organizing and Community Building for Health (UD-C, LLD, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
H ED 640Structural Inequities and Public Health (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
HH 210The Dao of Well-Being in Chinese Tradition (C2, LLD, AERM)3
HIST 418Society and Politics in American History (AERM, SJ, USH)3
HIST 455The Philippines and the United States (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ, USH)3
HIST 464American Ethnic and Racial Relations to1890 (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
HIST 465American Ethnic and Racial Relations II: 1890 - Present (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ, USH)3
HIST 468Women in U.S.: 1890-Present (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
HIST 470The U.S. Constitution to 1877 (UD-C, AERM, SJ, USH, USG/CSLG)3
HIST 471The U.S. Constitution since 1877 (UD-C, AERM, SJ, USH, USG/CSLG)3
HIST 477American Mass Culture I: Revolution to Railroad (AERM, USH)3
HIST 478American Mass Culture II: Gilded Age to Digital Age (UD-C, AERM, USH)3
HUM 225Values in American Life (C2, AERM)3
HTM/CFS 351Asian Food, Culture, and Hospitality (UD-C, AERM)3
HTM 424Tourism Management (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
HUM 485/AMST 310The Arts and American Culture (UD-C, AERM)3
I R 310U.S. Foreign Policy (UD-D, AERM, GP)4
I R 335Muslim Societies in Transnational Perspective (UD-D, AERM, GP)4
ITEC 333Digital Pioneers: Creating Innovative Digital Entrepreneurs (UD-C, LLD, AERM)3
JOUR 610Cultural Diversity and News Media (AERM, SJ)3
JS/HIST 449American Jewish History (UD-C, AERM, SJ, USH)3
JS/CWL/ENG 451Jewish Literature of the Americas (UD-C, AERM, GP)3
JS/ENG/WGS 54620th Century American Jewish Women Writers (UD-C, AERM, GP)3
LTNS 110Critical Thinking in Latina/o Studies (A3, AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 210Latina/Latino Health Care Perspectives (AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 211Latina/o Families Narrative (D1, AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 222Latina/o Art History (AERM, GP)3
LTNS 225Survey of Latina/o Visual Images (AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 230Introduction to Latina/o Literature (C3, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 265Topics in Latina/o History (D1, AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 276Latina/o, U.S. Government, and Constitutional Ideals (D3, AERM, USG/CSLG)3
LTNS/HIST 278History of Latinos in the U.S. (D2, AERM, SJ, USH)3
LTNS 305Latina/o Studies Creative Writing Workshop (UD-C, AERM, GP)3
LTNS 315Latina/os in California (AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 380Afro/Latina/o Diasporas (UD-D, AERM, GP)3
LTNS/CINE 409Latina/o Cinema (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 425Popular and Traditional Music of the Latina(o) Diaspora (AERM, GP)3
LTNS/WGS 445Gendered Borders: Latinas and Globalization (AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 450Indigenismo: Indigenous Cultures of the Americas (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP)3
LTNS 455Resistance Literature of the Americas (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 460Central Americans of the U.S.: History and Heritage (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 470Latina/o Immigration to the U.S. (UD-D, AERM, GP SJ)3
LTNS 475Aztec Philosophy (UD-C, AERM, GP)3
LTNS 530Latina/os and the Media (UD-C, LLD, AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 560Contemporary Latina/o Literature (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS/RRS/SOC 580Educational Equity (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 660Latina/o Politics (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 670/PLSI 408Mexican Politics and Society (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
MUS 506Survey of Jazz (UD-C, AERM, USH)3
MUS 507Jazz and Blues in Film (UD-C, AERM)3
MUS 558Music of John Coltrane (UD-C, AERM)3
MUS 559Women in Jazz (UD-C, AERM, USH)3
PHIL 130Political and Social Philosophy (D1, AERM, SJ)3
PHIL 335Law and Society (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
PHIL 451Feminist Moral Issues (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
PLSI 463The Politics of Immigration in the United States (AERM, SJ)4
PLSI 464Race and American Politics4
RPT 440Urban Recreation and Parks (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
RRS 101Introduction to Arab and Muslim Communities (C2, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 103Introduction to Pacific Studies (D2, AERM, GP, SJ, USH)3
RRS 201SFSU's Palestinian Cultural Mural and the Art of Resistance (C2, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 212Edward Said (C2, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 224Arab-American History, Community, and Activism (AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 230Muslims in America: Communities and Institutions (AERM, SJ)3
RRS 240All Power to the People: Comparative Freedom Movements of the "Sixties" (D2, AERM, SJ, USH)3
RRS 250Race, Ethnicity and Power in America (D3, AERM, SJ, USG/CSLG)3
RRS 255Voices in Exile: Arab and Muslim American and Civil Liberties post-9/11/2001 (D1, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 276Race, Activism and Climate Justice (B2, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS 280Race, Gender, and Science Fiction (C3, AERM)3
RRS 285Race, Sports, and Society (D1, AERM)3
RRS/ARAB 305Arab American Art and Artists of the Diaspora (AERM, GP)3
RRS/ARAB 312Arab and Arab American Literary Expressions (AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 315Arab-American Immigration, Society, Identity, and Culture (AERM)3
RRS/SOC 330Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.: Class, Gender, and Nation (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
RRS 360Cultural Dialogues and Ethnic Literature (UD-C, AERM)3
RRS 370Islamophobia: Roots, Development, and Contestation of Hatred (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS/SXS 380Coloring Queer: Imagining Communities (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
RRS/SOC 410Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
RRS 420Arab American Identity: Memory and Resistance (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 430Arab Media Images in America: Impact on Arab Americans (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 435National Security and the Racialization of Arabs and Muslims in North America (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS/ARAB 450Contemporary Arabic and Arab American Literature (UD-C, AERM, GP)3
RRS 480Youth Culture, Race and Resistance (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
RRS 571Women, Class, and Race (UD-C, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS 600/HIST 466History of People of Color in the U.S. (UD-D, AERM, SJ, USH)3
RRS 625Mixed Race Studies: A Comparative Focus (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
RRS 630Palestine: Ethnic Studies Perspective (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 655Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico (AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS 657/AA S 541South Asian Diaspora (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
SXS 455Sex, Power and Politics (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
USP/PLSI 580Housing Policy and Planning (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 150Women and Gender in U.S. History and Society (D2, AERM, SJ, USH)3
WGS 160Gender, Politics, and Citizenship (D3, AERM, USG/CSLG)3
WGS 200Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (D1, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 303Women as Creative Agents (UD-C, AERM, SJ)3
WGS 304Gender and Popular Culture (AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 514Women and the Prison Industrial Complex (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 515Gender, Race, and Reproduction (UD-D, AERM, GP)3
WGS 534Gender and the Law (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
WGS 541Women Writers and Social Change (UD-C, AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 542Gender and Popular Music (UD-C, AERM, GP)3
WGS/SXS 551Queer Literatures and Media (UD-C, LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 552Transgender Identities and Communities (AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 561Women, Ethnicity, and Social Movements (AERM, SJ)3
WGS 562History of African American Women (UD-D, AERM, SJ)3
WGS 565Muslim Feminisms (AERM, GP)3
WGS/RRS 566Gender and Modernity in the Muslim and Arab Worlds (AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 621Feminist Theories (UD-D, AERM, GP, SJ)3


AERM: American Ethnic and Racial Minorities
ES: Environmental Sustainability
GP: Global Perspectives
LLD: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (Area E)
SJ: Social Justice