Liberal Studies

College of Liberal & Creative Arts

Dean: Andrew Harris

School of Humanities & Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Program
Humanities Building, Room 409
Phone: (415) 338–6927
Program Director: Cristina Ruotolo

Advising is by appointment. Contact the Liberal Studies Office to arrange an appointment.

Program Scope

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies requires 120 units for graduation. The 46 unit major has a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum encompassing all areas of knowledge in the arts and sciences. Many employers and professional schools prefer graduates with the richly diversified education that this major provides. A liberal studies program is also recommended as preparation for students who aspire to become elementary school teachers.

Before meeting with an individual advisor, students are expected to review the information in this Bulletin and on the web by going to

Career Outlook

The Liberal Studies major prepares students for future employment in a variety of fields, including education, government or public service, the arts, management, communications, humanities and social sciences, and work involving multicultural communities. The teacher preparation emphasis provides the broad academic background necessary for teaching in an elementary classroom and as part of a student’s preparation for the CSET Multiple Subjects (California Subject Examinations for Teachers). The major is also appropriate preparation for various professional and graduate programs such as business, counseling, law, librarianship, medicine, and for disciplinary or interdisciplinary graduate programs.

Students interested in becoming elementary school teachers are strongly encouraged to choose the Liberal Studies major and to choose the recommended Teacher Preparation courses in the core, and the Teacher Preparation emphasis for their 15 units beyond the core.

  • Each student should consult with an advisor at least once a year to discuss the major, selection of courses, and preparation of the planning worksheet.
  • Liberal Studies majors who successfully complete LS 300GW in Spring 2009 or thereafter will have satisfied the University Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).
  • For additional information on the program as well as a complete list of approved emphasis courses, go to
  • Before beginning the core courses, students should have completed ENG 214 or equivalent (e.g., AFRS 214, CWL 214, or ENG 1B at a community college).
  • A course may be used for only one purpose within the major. For example, if a course is used in the core, it may not be used in the Emphasis Pattern.

Transfer Courses Included in the Liberal Studies Major

With advisor approval, courses transferred from other institutions may be used to fulfill the Core requirements of the major if they are upper division and equivalent in content to the courses required in the major. Lower and/or upper division courses transferred from other institutions may be used in the Emphasis Pattern so long as at least six units are upper division and the content of the courses is equivalent. All residence requirements stipulated in the Bulletin must be met.

Students who have earned AA-T or AS-T degrees and are pursuing a similar B.A. degree at SF State are required to fulfill the Complementary Studies requirement as defined by the major department. Students should consult with a major advisor about how transfer units and SF State units can best be applied to this requirement to ensure degree completion within 60 units.


A maximum of two courses in the major may be taken for a CR grade.


M. Ferreira

Associate Professors

Augsburg, de Barros, Hennessy

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Coopman, Erickson, Fraschella, Taylor