Minor in Studio Art

Studio Art Minor – 18 units

Lower-Division Requirements (9 units)

Art History3
Select one:
Western Art History I
Western Art History II
Asian Art History
Studio Art6
Select two:
Introduction to Digital Media Arts
Introduction to Textile Art
Drawing I
Printmaking I
Introduction to Contemporary Sculpture
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to the Darkroom

All lower-division requirements for the minor must be satisfied before advancing to courses numbered 300 and above.

Upper-Division Requirements (9 units)

Select three:

ART 311Interactive Arts I3
ART 335Printmaking Processes: Drawing the Multiple3
ART 340Intermediate Contemporary Sculpture: Materials & Concepts3
ART 360Foundations in Photography3
ART 410Conceptual Strategies I3
ART 413Introduction to Video Art3
ART 422Weaving I: Beginning3
ART 423Constructed Surfaces3
ART 424Surface Design Studio3
ART 430The Language of Observational Painting3
ART 431Painting I3
ART 432Drawing II3
ART 433Figure Drawing3
ART 434Color Workshop3
ART 435Printmaking Workshop: Relief3
ART 436Printmaking Workshop: Intaglio3
ART 437Printmaking Workshop: Lithography3
ART 438Monoprinting3
ART 439Screen Printing3
ART 440Advanced Contemporary Sculpture: Expanded Practice3
ART 441Art and Social Function3
ART 445Ceramics on the Wheel3
ART 460Intermediate Photography3
ART 511Conceptual and Information Arts: Special Areas3
ART 514Video Art: Advanced Practices3
ART 522Weaving II: Intermediate3
ART 524Surface Design III3
ART 525Textiles Studio Process3
ART 527Repeat Pattern for Fine Art3
ART 529Textile Futures3
ART 530Intermediate Painting: The Expanded Field3
ART 531Painting II3
ART 533Figure Painting3
ART 534Mixed Media Painting3
ART 535Artist's Books3
ART 536Printmaking: Special Areas3
ART 541Installation Art3
ART 543Hydrarchy: Nautical Art, Watercraft, and the Art of Resistance3
ART 544Raku3
ART 545Ceramic Sculpture3
ART 546Glaze Surfaces3
ART 548Glaze Calculation3
ART 562Color Photography I3
ART 563Topics in Photography3
ART 619Exhibition Design3
ART 610Conceptual Strategies III3
ART 624Sculptural Cloth and Fiber3
ART 631Painting III3
ART 645Ceramics IV3
ART 660Photography IV3
ART 662Color Photography II3
ART 670Art as Inquiry: Interdisciplinary Studio Experiences3
ART 699Independent Study1-3

One upper-division Art History course from the list below may be substituted for one upper-division Studio Art course. 

ARTH 306Modern and Contemporary Art in a Global Context: 1945-Present3
ARTH 401/CLAR 420Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece3
ARTH 402/CLAR 425Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome3
ARTH 403/SXS 405Queer Art History3
ARTH 406Renaissance Art3
ARTH 417The Art and Architecture of Islam3
ARTH 418Art History: Ancient to 19th Century - Special Areas3
ARTH 419Art History: 20th and 21st Century - Special Areas3
ARTH 421Art History: Global Perspectives - Special Areas3
ARTH 516Advanced Topics in Art History3
ARTH 602Art History Seminar3
HUM 405Art, Literature, and Power in the Renaissance3