Minor in Music

The program is designed to provide students with a planned sequence of musical experiences that will provide opportunities for life-long learning and future enjoyment. The minor may be designed, in consultation with a music faculty advisor, to include other courses that more appropriately meet the particular goals and educational attainment in music of the individual student.

12 of the total units must be in upper division work and taken in residence at San Francisco State.

Music Minor — 21 units

MUS 120Basic Music I 1,23
MUS 201Class Piano I 11
MUS 202Class Piano II 11
MUS 203Class Piano III 11
Select one of the following:3
Music, The Listener's Art
Music of the World's Peoples
Survey of Jazz
MUS 371-MUS 3903
Music units on advisement9

Students with more developed piano skills may substitute other piano classes, with the approval of the music minor advisor. These classes may include: MUS 206, MUS 301, MUS 302, or MUS 303.


Students with extensive background in music may substitute more advanced courses.