Community Service Learning

Community Service Learning (CSL) is the combination of academic study with community service so that each is enhanced by the other. Through a process of structured reflection, the service experience is integrated with the lessons of the classroom to enrich learning outcomes. Students enrolled in a course offering a community service learning opportunity balance their time between classroom instruction, service in the community, and reflection upon their service experience. Community service learning enhances academic learning by allowing students to make connections between their classroom education and its application to the field. CSL experiences help students to clarify their career goals and acquire work-related skills, develop a heightened sense of civic responsibility and awareness of moral and ethical issues, and provide them with a wide variety of work options with a goal of being value-added for the community they serve. 

Opportunities to participate in CSL exist throughout the University curriculum. To assist students in identifying courses that may provide such unique experiences, certain courses in this Bulletin will be designated with “CSL may be available.” To determine if the community service learning experience is associated with the course in any given semester, interested students must contact the instructor or the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. Additionally, the Class Schedule for each semester will indicate, by footnote, which section includes the CSL component.

The Community Service Learning program, a flagship of the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE), is the campus unit responsible for coordinating community service learning activities. For more information, please visit us in HSS 206, at, or call (415) 338-6419