Graduate Certificate in History Education

Graduate Certificate in History Education - 15 units

Core Requirements (9 units)

HIST 696Proseminar3
HIST 700History as a Field of Knowledge3
HIST 870Curriculum Project 3

Electives (6 units) 

HIST 701The Historiography of World History3
HIST 702Sexuality in Historical Perspective3
HIST 705Approaches to History3
HIST 710Seminar in Ancient and Medieval History3
HIST 720Seminar in Medieval History3
HIST 730Seminar in Early Modern European History3
HIST 740Seminar in the History of Europe Since 18153
HIST 741The Holocaust and Postwar Germany Taught in English3
HIST 780Seminar in American History To 18773
HIST 790Seminar in American History Since 18773
HIST 805Seminar in the History of Women3
HIST 830Seminar in Latin American History3
HIST 840Readings in Southeast Asian History3
HIST 850Topics in World History Since 15003

All other requirements must be complete before students enroll in HIST 870.