Faculty Statement of Course Requirements

Students shall receive a written syllabus (digitally or in hard copy) by the first meeting or, in the case of courses taught online, it will be available to them when the course opens.

During the semester, students shall be notified in writing (digitally or in hard copy) of any substantive changes in the course syllabus. Colleges, schools, departments, or programs may specify additional syllabus requirements for their courses.

All course syllabi shall include:

  1. the instructor’s name, office location, office phone number, office hours,  and contact information;
  2. the course title and number;
  3. a statement of scope, content, course objectives, and student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the course;
  4. a list of texts and materials to be used throughout the course, including any additional fees or costs;
  5. a description of the grading policy;
  6. a description of the  teaching methods to be employed; and
  7. any additional statements required by Academic Senate Policy.