Graduate Certificate in Genetic Engineering

The Certificate in Genetic Engineering program is designed to allow students who have completed an undergraduate degree in basic science with a molecular biological emphasis to learn the techniques and principles of genetic engineering by both lecture and laboratory/project experience, balanced with an integrated presentation of both ethical concerns and safety considerations. This program will further prepare students to make transitions into careers in the area of biotechnology or to enter advanced degree programs. Graduate students intending to secure both a master’s degree and the certificate may pursue these objectives concurrently with consultation and approval of the graduate degree faculty advisor. All coursework used to satisfy the requirements must be taken on an A-F graded basis and must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Due to laboratory space limitations, total enrollment in the program will be restricted.

Before being considered for acceptance to the program, the student must first be eligible in accordance with all University requirements as outlined in the section Certificate Programs. This same section also includes university program guidelines and procedures to be followed in filing for the award of the certificate when it is completed.

Admission to the Program

To be admitted to the program an applicant must have completed a baccalaureate degree and must be admitted to classified graduate standing in accordance with University standard admissions requirements and procedures. In addition applicants must:

  1. Submit to the certificate coordinator a copy of transcripts used for the baccalaureate degree, transcripts of other relevant study, and evidence of graduate standing in the university. The following courses from San Francisco State University, or their equivalents, are prerequisites and must be completed before the program is initiated.
    BIOL 350
    BIOL 351GW
    Cell Biology
    and Experiments in Cell and Molecular Biology - GWAR
    or BIOL 401
    BIOL 402GW
    General Microbiology
    and General Microbiology Laboratory - GWAR
    BIOL 355Genetics3
    BIOL 357Molecular Genetics3
    CHEM 340
    CHEM 341
    CHEM 343
    Biochemistry I
    and Biochemistry II
    and Biochemistry I Laboratory
  2. Submit to the coordinator a letter of application for admission to the certificate program. This letter should include a description of any relevant experience not evident in the transcripts.
  3. Make arrangements to have a minimum of two letters of recommendation sent to the coordinator.
  4. Submit a letter of admission to classified status in the graduate program.
  5. Applications should be addressed to:
    Genetic Engineering Coordinator
    Department of Biology
    San Francisco State University
    San Francisco, CA 94132.

The specific course requirements shall be determined by the student’s committee and are based upon consideration of goals, interests, and undergraduate preparation. For additional details, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Written English Proficiency Requirement

Demonstration of an appropriate level of writing competency shall be accomplished with the satisfactory preparation of written laboratory reports that demonstrate competency in scientific report writing and analysis of data. The instructor of this course shall determine whether reports have met those criteria and so specify on the Certificate Approved Program form. If the student’s work is unsatisfactory, additional course work directed to achieving English competency may be specified after consultation with the coordinator.