Master of Arts in Education: Concentration in Elementary Education

Admission to Program

The Concentration in Elementary Education is only open to graduates of the SF State Multiple Subjects Credential Program. Applicants must possess an elementary teaching credential or the equivalent or be in the student teaching phase of the Multiple Subjects Credential Program. All requirements for the MA degree must be completed within seven years of the START of credential coursework. Twelve units from the Multiple Subject Credential can be transferred to this MA program. 

Application to the program requires the following:

  1. Apply to the MA program via CalState Apply Students currently enrolled in the Multiple Subjects Credential Program do not need to pay an application fee; please see Elementary Education office for the procedure. For additional help with CalState Apply visit
    1. The CalState Apply application must include the submission of a written statement of purpose (two-page minimum) The statement of purpose should describe the applicant’s goals for seeking the degree and describe the applicant’s level of academic and professional preparation. Both content and writing skill will be evaluated as part of the admissions decision and will determine whether the candidate has met Level One Written Language Proficiency at admission (see below). Current MSC students may submit an academic writing sample from their credential coursework in lieu of a statement of purpose to demonstrate Level One Written Language Proficiency.
    2. The CalState Apply application must also include two letters of recommendation from the following:
      • A college/university instructor addressing the applicant’s ability to pursue graduate-level work.
      • A supervisor at a school or district addressing the applicant’s successful experience in classroom teaching or related work.
  2. Applicants must also meet the following requirements:
    1. Possession of a Multiple Subject or elementary teaching credential.
    2. Currently enrolled in the SF State Multiple Subjects Credential Program or completed the program within the previous 2 years.

Written English Proficiency Requirement

Level One

Applicants to the program are assessed on the application essay based upon the elementary education program’s criteria. The evaluation rubric considers:

  1. mechanics and style, 
  2. coherence and argumentation, and
  3. content, that is, the relevancy of applicants’ experience and goals for the program.

Level Two

Students are assessed on the quality of their culminating experience E ED 895.

Education (M.A.): Concentration in Elementary Education — 30 units

Credential Courses to Be Counted Toward the MA Degree (12 units)

E ED 701Social, Cultural, and Historical Foundations of Education3
E ED 777Curriculum and Instruction in Science3
E ED 782Teaching Reading and Language Arts: K-53
E ED 786Seminar in Developmental Teaching and Learning3

Additional Required Courses (9 units)

At least nine units must form an Area of Specialization:

E ED 765Elementary School Science3
ISED 797Seminar in Educational Research3
S ED 774Teacher Research Methodologies3

Elective Courses (6 units)

In consultation with their academic advisor, students should select 6 elective units in the Department of Elementary Education or other academic departments university-wide that are relevant to their academic and professional learning goals. All electives must be approved by the academic advisor. Options include but are not limited to:

E ED 615Environmental Education in Early Childhood Education3
E ED 726Engaging Young Writers in Classroom Settings, TK-123
E ED 761School Mathematics: Problem Solving3
E ED 767Elementary School Creative Arts3
E ED 850Mathematics and Science Inquiry for Children3
Relevant science content courses, with approval of advisor.

Culminating Experience (3 units)

E ED 895Field Study Project3