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Interdisciplinary Studies (Graduate)

...of statistics beyond elementary statistics (e.g. MATH 124 ). At least 70 percent of the...


...institutions prior to entering the PNPBCP . 1 MATH 124 is a 10-week course. Supplemental...

Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders

...chemistry is recommended. A course in statistics. MATH 124 , ISED 160 , or PSY 171 are...

MATH 124 Elementary Statistics (Units: 3)

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of ELM requirement.

Data analysis, probability, and statistical inference. For students in any field where statistics is a means of communication and a tool for decision making.
(Note: In order for this course to satisfy General Education, students must earn a C- or CR or higher grade if taken fall 2014 or later.)

Course Attributes:

  • B4: Math/QR

SCI 124 Math Concepts - Elementary Statistics (Unit: 1)

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in MATH 124 .

Student-centered discussion and problem-solving. Designed to promote understanding of key concepts and enhance student success in MATH 124. Limit of 4 units of any combination of SCI 235, Science Concepts, and Mathematics Concepts courses allowed toward the baccalaureate degree. (Plus-minus ABC/NC, CR/NC grading option)