Center for Modern Greek Studies

The purpose of the Center for Modern Greek Studies is to promote the study of Modern Greek language, literature, and history in relation to the ancient Greek and Byzantine civilizations. The Center coordinates courses offered in Modern Greek Studies as well as cross-listings with the Departments of Anthropology, Classics, Comparative and World Literature, Creative Writing, English, and History, and offers an interdisciplinary minor in Modern Greek Studies.

Courses presently available include:

MGS 150Modern Greek I4
MGS 151Modern Greek II4
MGS/ANTH 316Contemporary Culture of Greece3
MGS 365Modern Greek III4
MGS 397/ENG 398Greek American Literature3
MGS 470Modern Greek IV4
MGS/C W 497Modern Greek Literature3
MGS 555Introduction to Modern Greek Literary Texts3

The Center also presents an array of lectures, concerts, film festivals, and other events focusing on contemporary Greece and the Greek American experience. In connection with the Center, an endowed chair in Modern Greek Studies has been established, the Nikos Kazantzakis Chair, to provide support for curricular development and cultural programming. The Kazantzakis Chair is the only endowed professorship of Modern Greek literature in the California State University system and one of only several such academic chairs in the United States.

For information about the Center for Modern Greek Studies, please contact David Leitao, Interim Director
HUM 377
(415) 338–2068