Associated Students

ASSOCIATED STUDENTS (AS), the student government at San Francisco State University, serves as the official voice of the students. AS promotes an enriched co-curricular student life experience and is dedicated to the empowerment of SF State's diverse student body through a commitment to social justice and shared governance. AS provides and supports services and programs, maintains fiduciary responsibility, and engages in campus-wide collaborations and external advocacy efforts.

The Associated Students (AS), established in 1944, is the official student body government. It functions as a non-profit, student-run corporation, and is funded by the student activity fee all students pay each semester. A portion of each student’s tuition fee goes to the Associated Students, making enrolled students automatic members and eligible to vote in the annual elections for AS leadership.

This means that SF State students can enjoy many of the events and programs provided by fellow students that might have cost them even more without this one-time semester fee. Explore our website to find out about all of our services and what AS can do for you! For more information about getting involved in Student Government, please contact the AS Business Office at (415) 338–1044 or (415) 338–2321 or stop and visit a Board Member in Cesar Chavez Student Center, M–113B.

We provide programming in three areas:

Culture and Social Justice

Art Gallery

Exhibitions feature student, faculty and professional work and advocates works of merit by all artists at any stage in their career. The gallery programs eight to ten exhibits and pop-up shows per year and hosts weekly events and monthly receptions during the Fall and Spring semesters. Three to four exhibits usually rotate per semester, and two to three occur during the summer. The Gallery operates in alignment with the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center to provide students with opportunities, resources, arts-related events, and a range of insightful and visually captivating artworks that reflect and actively engage with the community. The Art Gallery further strives to foster cross-cultural exchange with artists and audiences and produces some of San Francisco’s most socially relevant and visually compelling exhibits. Each show is dedicated to providing insight and information about aesthetic movements, contemporary issues, and/or social justice through interactive, multi-media and other visual modes.

Education and Referral Organization for Sexuality

Inclusive of all identities, backgrounds, and types of sexuality, EROS provides contemporary sexuality education through events, workshops, social media, performances, books and DVDs, and a referral database. EROS connects the campus community by providing presentations and information to students, classes, and organizations. EROS connects the greater San Francisco community by referring students to off-campus resources and collaborating with off-campus organizations for events. EROS introduces new students to their program with an annual open house and inspires all students to pursue sexuality in their professional lives with the annual Career Fair. EROS acclimates students to the diverse and open culture that is present in San Francisco, as well as SF State, improving retention rates and campus pride. EROS promotes consent, tolerance, diversity, and health with the goal of students feeling empowered about themselves and their sexuality.

Queer and Trans Resource Center

Rooted in the ancestral legacy of queer activists and visionaries and San Francisco State University’s commitment to social justice and community engagement, the QTRC endeavors to offer LGBTQQIA-related events, services, and resources to students. The Queer & Trans Resource Center will also serve as an umbrella organization linking various student organizations such as Queer Alliance, Pride Committee, and CEASE/SAFE Place that work to create events and resources for the LGBTQQIA community on campus. With the awareness that all forms of oppression are inherently interconnected, the Queer & Trans Resource Center will additionally focus on building alliances with ethnic, political, religious, and arts communities at San Francisco State University and beyond. The center is open to all students who wish to join in our efforts to promote awareness and understanding of LGBTQQIA-related identities, issues, and culture.

Richard Oakes Multicultural Center

The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center is a space for cultural events and discussions that focus on everything from inspirational leaders to commemorative months. The Center also provides a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university that affirms the human and intellectual heritage of all people.The Center encourages and welcomes all members of the University and greater community to initiate or participate in its student-focused and directed programs and activities.

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center functions as a resource, referral, and educational program for the campus community and deals specifically with issues concerning the lives of women. WC is dedicated to providing an open, encouraging and nurturing environment for the students of San Francisco State University. The basis of the foundation is to provide a safe place for women of any and all backgrounds. The WC is open to everyone (man or woman) who would like to come together and participate in promoting the understanding of various perspectives and issues pertaining to women.

Education and Equity

Early Childhood Education Center

Our mission is to assist student parents with their goal of obtaining a college degree by providing them with high-quality, convenient and affordable childcare for their young children. Our educational philosophy draws upon a variety of educational approaches to support each child’s optimum growth and development as well as make children’s learning visible. To meet the needs of student parents, we are open year-round from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and offer full and part-time childcare schedules. We operate four programs throughout the year to match the University’s four enrollment periods for fall and spring semesters and winter and summer sessions. We are closed for University holidays, Spring Break, Fall Recess and all other non-instructional days. As a campus-based childcare program, we also provide opportunities for student employment and early childhood teacher training.

Legal Resource Center

Our mission is to educate the SF State community on their legal rights, helping empower them when confronted with stressful legal issues. Our on-site attorney is well versed in California law and meets with students and staff for low-fee consultations. The expected outcomes for students who seek counseling from the Legal Resource Center: Straightforward answers to basic legal questions, no advice just information, referrals to pro-bono/ low fee Bay Area legal aid, an opportunity to meet with an expert attorney for $10.00, a full legal library and informative legal brochures and pamphlets, and a kind, supportive staff of students who research client’s issues.

SF State offers two courses that work with our office. These classes educate students on important areas of law and allow them to gain experience in a Legal Office. Each course is worth three units. COUN 630 and COUN 631 will count as credit towards the completion of a CJ major/minor as well as a COUN minor. Students who join the Legal Resource Center can expect to learn the following: how to conduct intakes when interviewing clients, conduct legal research, legal resources available in the Bay Area, how to get into law school, basic knowledge on various areas of California Law, and how to research civil codes/laws in California. The counseling classes can also serve as a stepping-stone into potential employment with the LRC.

Project Connect

ASI Project Connect exists to empower and involve the student body to promote higher education and facilitate graduation for low-income and historically underrepresented communities. The following programs make up Project Connect:


The ASI Project Connect Internship program offers SF State students the opportunity to earn university credit for their community service hours provided on/off campus as mentors and service referral providers. SF State students must sign up for the ETHS 697 class offered for Project Connect. Student may also be registered through Community Service Learning (CSL) program in the College of Ethnic Studies or the Community Involvement Center (CIC) on campus. ASI Project Connect will serve as an agency for these students to volunteer their time.


Interns in the recruitment department will learn outreach skills and how to navigate the bureaucracy within the public school system. Interns will serve as mentors, role models and tour guides to students visiting our campus


Interns in the Retention department will become familiar with retention services and resources available on campus such as financial aid, advising and tutoring services, university graduation requirements and general information about SF State.

Book Loan

Students are limited to borrow up to two books per semester. Students can only borrow books that are on-hand in the AS Project Connect Book Loan Inventory.

Project Rebound

Supporting the formerly incarcerated on their journey through successful reintegration in a college setting, Professor John Irwin created Project Rebound in 1967 as a way to matriculate people into San Francisco State University directly from the criminal justice system. The focus of Project Rebound quickly became “Education as an Alternative to Incarceration” and “Turning Former Prisoners into Scholars” after being embraced by Associated Students Incorporated. Since the program’s inception, there have been hundreds of formerly incarcerated folks who have obtained four–year degrees and beyond.

Environmental Resource Center

ERC focuses on increasing sustainability throughout the campus. Our team works towards promoting zero waste, educating students on various social justice and environmental issues, hosting informative environmental events/ workshops, and providing sustainability resources for students on campus. Our mission is to make sustainability easy, accessible, and fun!

Events and Entertainment

Programs & Services

It is managed by a professional staff, with key positions held by SF State students. Programs & Services’ mission is to provide a wide and culturally diverse variety of events, both entertaining and culturally enriching, for the SF State student body and Bay Area public. We strive to keep admission costs as low as possible for students and seniors. In booking music, we strive to present a variety of styles, as suits the diversity of our student body. We have somewhat of a leaning towards local and independent artists, and roots and indigenous styles. For updates or further information, call us!


Take a break between classes! We’ve got over 20 awesome arcade games to give you a break from your busy life or play anytime on our professional Brunswick pool tables. You can also battle it out during our bi-monthly video game tournaments or compete in our weekly individual 9-ball tournaments. Rack-N-Cue has Air Hockey, DDR Extreme, Max Tune 3, Initial D 5, Drummania 10th Mix, Silent Scope, Point Blank 2, Super Puzzle Fighter 2, Strikers 1945, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter vs. X-Men.

The Depot

Our mission is to provide a public space that encourage's collaboration between students, local/touring artists, and the greater San Francisco community in a creative environment. The Depot ultimately hopes to foster relationships among professional performers and SF State students. The Depot hosts music shows, open mics, poetry events, art socials, dance nights, comedy and improv events, film screenings, and much more. All shows are for all ages and they are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. All music shows usually start at 6:00 p.m. and end when curfew hits at 9:30 p.m. All booking inquires are done over email, so please no calls. If you have any questions or are interested in performing at The Depot, please contact us at