Student Concerns or Complaints about Actions Taken on Behalf of San Francisco State University

Students who have concerns or complaints about their relationships with the University; its policies, practices, and procedures; or its faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to follow the informal concerns and complaints process as outlined at

If after following the informal process, the concern or complaint remains unresolved, students may pursue a formal complaint. For questions about the process, please contact the Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students in the Student Services building room 403.

Off-Campus Grievance Procedure for Students

California State University takes very seriously complaints and concerns regarding the institution. If you have a complaint regarding the CSU, you may present your complaint as follows:

  1. If your complaint concerns CSU’s compliance with academic program quality and accrediting standards, you may present your complaint to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) at WASC is the agency that accredits the CSU’s academic program.
  2. If your complaint concerns an alleged violation by CSU of a state law, including laws prohibiting fraud and false advertising, you may present your claim to the office of the Vice President & Title IX Coordinator. This office will provide guidance on the appropriate campus process for addressing your particular issue. If you believe that your complaint warrants further attention after you have exhausted all the steps outlined for you, you may file an appeal with the Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs at the CSU Chancellor's Office. This procedure should not be construed to limit any right that you may have to take civil or criminal legal action to resolve your complaint.