Upper Division General Education

This is an archived copy of the 2016-2017 bulletin. To access the most recent version of the bulletin, please visit bulletin.sfsu.edu. Any changes will appear on our errata page.

Upper Division General Education — 9 units minimum

General Requirements

Students must:

  1. Begin their upper division General Education coursework no earlier than the semester they achieve upper division standing and have completed a course in Area A4 with a C- or better. (60 units minimum)
  2. Complete at least 9 units of upper division General Education course work in residence at SF State
  3. Complete the equivalent of one 3-unit course in each of the three domains of knowledge: Physical/Life Sciences (UD-B), Arts/Humanities (UD-C) and Social Sciences (UD-D).

Students studying abroad through the CSU can petition to have courses taken abroad count for upper division GE. These students should consult with the Study Abroad Office and with the Undergraduate Advising Center to get assistance in choosing appropriate classes to meet the required domains of knowledge and to complete the petition process upon their return.

Note: At the time of Bulletin publication, some courses were still in review for General Education certification. These courses are indicated as being provisionally approved.

Upper Division Physical and/or Life Sciences: UD-B

AA S 591Asian American Community Health Issues (LLD, AERM, SJ)3
ANTH 302Foundations of Human Variation3
A U/GEOG 301Bay Area Environments (ES)3
BIOL 300Nature Study (ES)3
BIOL 310Biology for Today's World (ES)3
BIOL 330Human Sexuality (LLD)3
BIOL 318Our Endangered Planet (LLD, AERM, ES, GP)3
BIOL 326Disease! (GP,SJ)3
BIOL 327AIDS: Biology of the Modern Epidemic (GP)3
BIOL 349Bioethics (SJ)3
CFS 352Principles of Food Preparation3
CFS 355Nutrition for Wellness3
CHEM 380Chemistry Behind Environmental Pollution (ES)3
ERTH 310The Violent Earth (ES)3
ERTH 325Geology of the National Parks (ES)3
ERTH 330California Water (ES)3
ERTH 335Global Warming (ES, GP)3
ERTH 360California Weather Events3
ERTH 365Extreme Weather in a Warming World (GP, ES)3
GEOG/USP 651San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Issues (ES)4
H ED 320Contemporary Sexuality (LLD, SJ) (effective Spring 17)3
HH 380Holistic Health: Western Perspectives (LLD, GP)3
HH 430Foundation of Biofeedback and Self Regulation (LLD)3
HH 433Autogenic Training and Embodied Living (LLD)3
HH 530Herbal and Nutritional Principles in Chinese Healing (LLD)3
HH 535Western Nutrition and Herbs (LLD, ES)3
HH 560Naturopathic Medicine and Personal Wellness (LLD)3
HH 690Seminar: Psychophysiology of Healing (LLD)3
KIN 355Science, Sport, and Fitness (LLD)3
LS 430Future of the Forests (ES, GP)3
PHIL 350Philosophy of Science3
PHIL 351Philosophy of Risk (ES)3
PHIL 395Ethical Issues: Science and Technology (SJ)3
PHIL 621Minds, Brains and Computers3
PSY 330Child Development (SJ)3
RRS 303Health and Wellness among Pacific Islanders (LLD, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
SPED 620The Science of Early Intervention (ES, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3

Upper Division Arts and/or Humanities: UD-C

AA S 322Chinese American Language and Literature (AERM, SJ)3
AA S 332Japanese American Art and Literature (LLD, AERM, SJ)3
AA S 352Filipina/o American Literature, Art, and Culture (AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 372Vietnamese American Literature (AERM)3
AA S 377Cambodians in the United States (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 512Asian American Children's/Adolescent Literature (AERM, SJ)3
AA S 514Asian American Community Arts Workshop (AERM)3
AA S 516Asian American Photographic Explorations (AERM)3
AA S 540South Asians in the United States (AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 582Asian American Women's Literature and the Arts (AERM, SJ)3
AA S 585Asian American Religiosities (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 588Asian American Media Workshop (AERM)3
AFRS 326Black Religion (AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 400Black Arts and Humanities3
AFRS 645Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ) (provisionally approved)3
AFRS 665Black Journalism (AERM) (effective Spring 2017)3
AIS 310American Indian Religion and Philosophy (AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 320American Indian Music (AERM, SJ)3
AIS 325American Indian Art (AERM, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
AIS 420Native Genders and Feminism3
AIS 535American Indian Film (AERM, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
AIS 560Modern Creative and Performing Arts (AERM, SJ)3
AMST 310/HUM 485The Arts and American Culture (AERM)3
AMST 410/HUM 450California Culture3
ANTH 569/SXS 567Cross-Cultural Aspects of Sex and Gender (SJ)3
BECA 301Media Literacy in the Electronic Culture (SJ)3
BECA 321Critical Study of Popular Culture3
BECA/WGS 485Women and Media (AERM, SJ)3
BUS 440Ethics at Work: Business Impacts3
C W 508Introduction to Environmental Literature (ES)3
CFS/HTM 351Asian Food, Culture, and Hospitality (AERM)3
CINE 375U.S. Culture and Cinema of the 1950s (AERM, SJ)3
CLAR 500Ancient Egyptian Civilization3
CLAS 410/HUM 401Ancient Greek Literature3
CLAS 415/HUM 402Ancient Roman Literature3
CLAS 490History of Ideas in the Ancient Classical World3
CLAS/SXS 530Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome (effective Spring 2017)3
COMM 541Critical Approaches to Culture and Communication4
CWL 421Celtic Literature3
CWL 422Imagining the Constructed Body: From Statues to Cyborgs (GP)3
CWL 423Going Medieval: Comparative Medieval European Literature3
CWL 424Multicultural Middle Ages3
CWL/HUM 432From Ghost Stories to Short Stories: Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts (GP)3
CWL 440Typical American": Narratives of Multiculturalism in the Americas from 1492 to the Present (GP)3
CWL 450Literary Crossings (GP)3
CWL/JS 480European Jewish Writers (GP, SJ)3
DANC 350Dance Aesthetics: Cultural/Historical Perspectives (GP)3
DANC 430Historical Survey of Dance in the Western World3
DANC/ANTH 657Ethnology of Dance (GP)3
E ED 613Integrated Arts Curricula in ECE (SJ)3
E ED 616Language and Literacy in Multilingual ECE Settings (AERM, GP, SJ)3
EDUC 450Art for Children (LLD, SJ)3
EDUC 681Teaching Language and Literature with Elementary and Middle School Students3
ENG/MGS 380British and American Travellers to Greece (GP)3
ENG 401Introduction to Writing Studies3
ENG 418Grammar for Writers3
ENG 420Introduction to the Study of Language (GP)3
ENG 465Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (ES)3
ENG 501Age of Chaucer3
ENG 510The Age of Wit3
ENG 526Age of the American Renaissance: 1830-1860 (AERM, SJ)3
ENG 535Literature and Ecology (ES)3
ENG/JS/WGS 54620th Century American Jewish Women Writers3
ENG 581Jane Austen3
ENG 601Literature and Psychology3
ENG 602Literature and Society (AERM)3
ENG 615Imagery, Metaphor, and Symbol3
ENG 631Post-Colonial Literature in English (GP)3
GPS/I R/PHIL 315Introduction to Global Peace Studies (ES, GP, SJ)3
H ED 455Community Organizing and Community Building for Health (LLD, AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
HH 382Holistic Health: Human Nature and Global Perspectives (LLD, GP)3
HH 420Chinese Body-Mind Energetics (LLD, GP)3
HH 545Imagery and Healing in Tibetan Culture (LLD, GP)3
HH 660Art as Healing (LLD)3
HIST 313Comparative History of Love and Sexuality (GP, SJ)3
HIST/HUM 315History of Science from the Scientific Revolution (ES, GP) (effective Spring 2017)3
HIST 320Archaic and Classical Greece (GP)3
HIST 327The Medieval Mediterranean (ES, GP)3
HIST 347Women in Modern Europe (GP, SJ)3
HIST 455The Philippines and the United States (USH, AERM, GP, SJ)3
HIST 464American Ethnic and Racial Relations to1890 (AERM, GP, SJ)3
HIST 465American Ethnic and Racial Relations II: 1890-Present (USH, AERM, GP, SJ)3
HIST 470The U.S. Constitution to 1877 (USH, USG and CSLG, AERM, SJ)3
HIST 471U.S. Constitution since 1877 (USH, USG and CSLG, AERM, SJ)3
HIST 478American Mass Culture II: Gilded Age to Digital Age3
HIST 484Disability and Culture in American (USH, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
HIST 572Taiwan: History, Memory, and Imagination (GP, ES)3
HIST/HUM 582Tales from Ancient India: Hinduism and Buddhism (GP) (effective Spring 2017)3
HIST 584India and the British Empire (GP, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
HUM 320/MUS 446Music, Ideas, and Culture (effective Spring 2017)3
HUM 345Humanism and Mysticism (GP)3
HUM 375Biography of a City (any city, GP)3
HUM 376San Francisco (ES)3
HUM/JS 377Jerusalem (GP)3
HUM 390Images of Eroticism (GP)3
HUM 415Contemporary Culture (GP)3
HUM/PHIL 432Nietzsche and Postmodernism3
HUM 455Humanities of the Americas (GP)3
HUM 490American Images: Photography and Literature3
HUM 496Islam and the Poetics of Space (GP)3
HUM 530Chinese Civilization (GP)3
HUM 531Images of Modern China (GP)3
HUM 532/CWL 432From Ghost Stories to Short Stories: Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts (GP)3
ITEC 333Digital Pioneers: Creating Innovative Digital Entrepreneurs (LLD, AERM)3
JS 301Judaism, An Introduction (SJ)3
JS 350Jewish Social Responsibility (SJ)3
JS/HUM 377Jerusalem (GP)3
JS/CINE 408Israeli Cinema (GP)3
JS 410/PHIL 514Kabbalah and Mysticism in the Jewish Tradition3
JS/PHIL 415The Hebrew Bible3
JS 425/PHIL 552Judaism: Religion and Text3
JS/CWL 437/ENG 533Holocaust and Literature (SJ)3
JS/HIST 449American Jewish History (AERM, SJ, USH)3
JS/CWL/ENG 451Jewish Literature of the Americas (AERM, GP)3
JS/CWL 480European Jewish Writers (GP, SJ)3
JS/HUM/PHIL 501Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (GP)3
JS 540Anti-Semitism (GP, SJ)3
JS/HIST 632Jewish History I: Beginnings to 1650 (GP)3
JS/HIST 633Jewish History II: 1650 to Present (GP)3
LTNS 305Latina/o Studies Creative Writing Workshop (AERM, GP)3
LTNS/CINE 409Latina/o Cinema (AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 450Indigenismo: Indigenous Cultures of the Americas (AERM, ES, GP)3
LTNS 455Resistance Literature of the Americas (AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 475Aztec Philosophy (AERM, GP)3
LTNS 530Latina/os and the Media (LLD, AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 560Contemporary Latina/o Literature (AERM, GP SJ)3
LTNS 679Central American Literature: Roots to the Present (GP, SJ)3
MGS 397/ENG 398Greek American Literature (GP, SJ)3
MGS/CWL/ENG 452Forster, Durrell, and Cavafy (GP)3
MUS 400Music Performance3
MUS 505Music of the World's Peoples (GP)3
MUS 506Survey of Jazz (AERM, USH)3
MUS 530Musics of the Middle East and India (GP)3
MUS 558Music of John Coltrane (AERM)3
MUS 559Women in Jazz (USH, AERM)3
PHIL 301Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 302Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 303Modern Philosophy3
PHIL 330Political Philosophy (SJ)3
PHIL/SXS 369Philosophical Issues in Sexuality (SJ)3
PHIL 378Philosophy of Criminal Law (SJ)3
PHIL 380Philosophy of Law (SJ)3
PHIL 383Ethics in Medicine (LLD, SJ)3
PHIL 384Philosophy of Research Ethics (LLD, GP, SJ)3
PHIL 425Existentialism3
PHIL/HUM 432Nietzsche and Postmodernism3
PHIL 435Human Rights in Global Perspective (GP, SJ)3
PHIL 436Islamic Political Philosophy (GP, SJ)3
PHIL 445/SXS 469Sex and Morality (LLD)3
PHIL 450Ethics (SJ)3
PHIL 451Feminist Moral Issues (AERM, GP, SJ)3
PHIL 455/SXS 569Sex and the Law (SJ)3
PHIL 460Philosophy of Art (GP)3
PHIL 464Philosophy and Film (GP, SJ)3
PHIL 470Environmental Ethics (ES, SJ)3
PHIL 494Philosophy and Personal Development (LLD)3
PHIL 500Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 502World Religions3
PHIL 509The Buddhist Tradition (GP)3
PHIL 511Chinese Philosophy and Religion (GP)3
PHIL 516Islamic Philosophy (GP)3
PHIL 517Islamic Mysticism (GP)3
PHIL 520Philosophy and Mysticism (LLD, GP, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
PHIL 525/RELS 300The Nature of Religious Experience (LLD, GP)3
PRSN 411Persian Media in English (GP)3
PRSN 450Religious Traditions in Iran (GP)3
PRSN 550Persian Culture Through Films in English (GP)3
RRS 360Cultural Dialogues and Ethnic Literature (AERM)3
RRS/SXS 380Coloring Queer: Imagining Communities (AERM, SJ)3
RRS/ARAB 450Contemporary Arabic and Arab American Literature (AERM, GP)3
RRS 571Women, Class, and Race (AERM, ES, GP, SJ)3
SXS/WGS 551Queer Literatures and Media (LLS, AERM, GP, SJ)3
TH A 406The Art of Comedy3
TH A 407Popular Theatre/Popular Entertainment (GP)3
TH A 408Asian Plays and Performance Styles: Japan (GP)3
TH A 451Storytelling and Folk Literature (GP)3
TH A 454The Business of Acting (GP)3
WGS 303Women as Creative Agents (AERM, SJ)3
WGS 513Gender, War, and Militarism (GP, SJ)3
WGS 541Women Writers and Social Change (AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 542Gender and Popular Music (AERM, GP)3

Upper Division Social Sciences: UD-D

AA S 301Asian Americans of Mixed Heritages (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 320Chinese in the United States (AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 323Chinese American Identities (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 330Nikkei in the United States (AERM, SJ)3
AA S 333Japanese American Identities (AERM)3
AA S 350Filipina/os in the United States (AERM)3
AA S 353Filipina/o American Identities (AERM, SJ)3
AA S 360Koreans in the United States (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 370Vietnamese in the United States (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 373Vietnamese American Identities (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 510Asian Americans in California (SJ)3
AA S 570Southeast Asians in the United States (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AA S 587Asian Americans and Environmental Justice (AERM, ES, SJ)3
AA S 595Asian American Communities and Public Policy (AERM, SJ)3
AA S 681Asian American Community Changes and Development (AERM, SJ)3
AFRS 370Health, Medicine, and Nutrition in the Black Community (AERM, ES, SJ)3
AFRS 450African Philosophy and Cosmology (AERM)3
AFRS 515Black Family Studies (AERM, ES, SJ)3
AFRS 516Research Methods3
AIS 300American Indian Studies Research Methodologies (AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 330American Indian Law (AERM, SJ)3
AIS/AFRS 350/LTNS 355Black-Indians in the Americas (AERM)3
AIS 400American Indian Education (LLD, AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 420Native Genders and Feminism (AERM, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
AIS/SXS/WGS 440Native Sexualities and Queer Discourse (AERM, GP, SJ)3
AIS 460Power and Politics in American Indian History (AERM, SJ, USH)3
AIS 470American Indian Ethnicity: Problems in Identity (AERM, SJ)3
ANTH/CINE 327Anthropology and Film (GP)3
ANTH/HIST 609Approaches to the African Past (GP)3
C D 300Human Communicative Disorders (SJ)3
C D 655Dynamics of Communication Development3
C J 300Criminal Justice: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective4
C J 435/LTNS 430Race, Crime, and Justice (SJ)3
CFS 320Children and Families3
CFS 543Sustainability in the Textile, Housing, and Food Industries (ES)3
COMM 527Health Communication (LLD)4
COMM 531Conflict Resolution (LLD)4
COUN 450/RRS 460/SXS 460AIDS and People of Color in the U.S. (AERM, SJ)3
CST 300/PLSI 386Introduction to Critical Social Thought (SJ)3
E ED 602Advanced Curriculum Study in ECE (AERM, SJ)3
E ED 603Promoting Young Children's Social and Emotional Development (AERM SJ)3
E ED 604Advanced Issues in Collaboration with Families and Communities in ECE (AERM, GP, SJ)3
E ED 615Environmental Education in ECE (ES)3
EDUC 639Bilingual Education in the U.S.: A History of Struggle, Resistance, and Achievement3
ENVS/GEOG 600Environmental Problems and Solutions (ES, GP)3
GEOG 421Future Environments (ESM GP, SJ)3
GEOG/I R 445Geopolitics and Globalization3
GEOG 552Geography of California (AERM, ES, SJ)3
GPS/PHIL 375Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S. (SJ, GP)3
GRN 500Gerontology: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (effective Spring 2017; (LLD))3
GRN 510/NURS 500Death and Dying in Contemporary Society (effective Spring 2017; (LLD))3
H ED 303Health Disparities and Sexual and Gender Minority Communities: LGBTQI Health3
H ED 315Drugs and Society (AERM, GP, SJ)3
H ED 320Contemporary Sexuality (Fall 16 only)3
H ED 414Women's Health--Problems and Issues (AERM, SJ)3
H ED 415Health Aspects of Aging (LLD, SJ)3
H ED 417AIDS: Contemporary Health Crisis (AERM, GP, SJ)3
H ED 640Structural Inequities and Public Health (AERM, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
HH 381Holistic Health: Eastern Perspectives (LLD, GP)3
HH 383Chinese Perspectives in Holistic Health (LLD)3
HH 450Somatic Education and Holistic Health (LLD)3
HH 540Meditation and Imagery in Healing (LLD, GP)3
HH 650Anthroposophical Health Studies (LLD, GP)3
HH 670Alternative Health Practices (LLD, GP)3
HH 680Holistic Health Internship Seminar (LLD)3
HIST 336The Reformation (Spring 2017; (GP))3
HIST 338Europe and the Wider World, 1348-1768 (GP, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
HIST 400History of Modern European Imperialism (effective Spring 2017; SJ, (GP Fall 2016 only))3
HIST 450History of California (CSLG)3
HIST 466/RRS 600History of People of Color in the U.S. (AERM, SJ, USH)3
HIST 468Women in U.S.: 1890-Present (AERM, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
HIST 489/USP 400Dynamics of the American City (SJ)3
HIST 569Ancient Chinese Civilization (GP) (effective Spring 2017)3
HIST 575History of Women in China and Japan (GP, SJ)3
HIST 585India since Gandhi (GP, SJ) (effective Spring 2017)3
HIST 611Modern Africa (GP)3
HIST 612Gender in African History (GP)3
HTM 324Historical and Contemporary Aspects of Food, Beverage, and Culture in America3
HTM/ISYS 339Information Technology for International Hospitality and Tourism (GP)3
HTM 421Food, Wine, and Culture in California3
HTM 425The Business of International Tourism (GP)3
I R/PLSI 322Latin American Policy Analysis (GP)4
I R 324Middle East and North Africa in International Relations (ES, GP)4
I R 335Muslim Societies in Transnational Perspective (AERM, GP)4
I R 336Politics of Globalization (GP)4
I R/PLSI 544Women in the World (GP, SJ)4
IBUS 330International Business and Multicultural Relations (GP)3
JS/I R/PLSI 430Israeli Democracy: Politics, Institutions, and Society (GP)3
JS 560/I R 530The Arab-Israeli Conflict (GP)3
KIN 331Peak Performance (LLD, GP, SJ)3
LS 401Social Sciences Core II (ES, GP)3
LTNS 380Afro/Latina/o Diasporas (AERM, GP)3
LTNS 460Central Americans of the U.S.: History and Heritage (AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS/ETHS 470Latina/o Immigration to the U.S. (AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS/C J 485Latina/o Youth, Crime, and Justice (SJ)3
LTNS/RRS/SOC 580Educational Equity (AERM, SJ)3
LTNS 660Latina/o Politics (AERM, GP, SJ)3
LTNS 670/PLSI 408Mexican Politics and Society (AERM, GP, SJ)3
MEIS 300Foundations in Middle East and Islamic Studies (LLD, GP)3
NURS 500/GRN 510Death and Dying in Contemporary Society (effective Spring 2017; (LLD))3
PHIL 335Law and Society (AERM, SJ)3
PHIL/PLSI 355Politics and Ethics of the Consumer Society (ES, SJ)3
PLSI 354Politics, the Environment, and Social Change (ES, SJ)4
PLSI 381Political Theories of Sexuality (SJ)4
PLSI 388Politics and the Popular (SJ)4
PLSI 393Anarchist Political Theory (SJ)4
PLSI/I R 404Politics of China (GP)4
PLSI/I R 407Politics of Russia (GP)4
PLSI 410Middle East Politics (GP)4
PLSI/I R 411East Asian Politics (GP)4
PLSI/I R 416Ethnicity and Nationalism (GP)4
PLSI 419Comparative Political Economy (GP)4
PLSI/ETHS 466Race and American Democracy (AERM, SJ)4
PLSI/I R 544Women in the World (GP, SJ)4
PLSI/USP 560Urban Poverty and Policy (SJ)4
PSY 435Behavior Problems of Children3
USP/PLSI 560Urban Poverty and Policy (SJ)4
RPT 380Developmental Play Processes (LLD)3
RPT 440Urban Recreation and Parks (AERM, SJ)3
RPT 605Ecotourism Principles and Practices (ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS 310Arab Revolutions and Social Movements (ES, GP, SJ)3
RRS/SOC 330Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.: Class, Gender, and Nation (AERM, SJ)3
RRS 370Islamophobia: Roots, Development, and Contestation of Hatred (AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS/SOC 410Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color (SJ)3
RRS 420Arab American Identity: Memory and Resistance (AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 430Arab Media Images in America: Impact on Arab Americans (AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 435National Security and the Racialization of Arabs and Muslims in North America (AERM, GP SJ)3
RRS 480Youth Culture, Race and Resistance (AERM SJ)3
RRS 600/HIST 466History of People of Color in the U.S. (AERM, SJ, USH)3
RRS 620Colonialism, Imperialism and Resistance (GP, SJ)3
RRS 625Mixed Race Studies: A Comparative Focus (AERM, SJ)3
RRS 630Palestine: Ethnic Studies Perspective (AERM, GP, SJ)3
RRS 657/AA S 541South Asian Diaspora (AERM, GP, SJ)3
S ED/EDUC 300Education and Society (SJ)3
SOC/RRS 410Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color (AERM, SJ)3
SOC 464Families and Society4
SOC 469Gender and Society4
SOC 483Global Sociology (GP)4
SPED 310Exploring Visual Impairments3
SPED 330Introduction to Disability3
SPED 370Young Children Disabled or At Risk and Their Families3
SPED 688American Sign Language I3
SXS/PSY 320Sex and Relationships (LLD)3
SXS 400/PSY 450/SOC 400Variations in Human Sexuality (SJ)3
SXS 455Sex, Power and Politics (AERM, SJ)3
SXS/RRS 460/COUN 450AIDS and People of Color in the U.S. (AERM, SJ)3
USP/PLSI 580Housing Policy and Planning (AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 514Women and the Prison Industrial Complex (AERM, GP, SJ)3
WGS 515Gender, Race, and Reproduction (AERM, GP)3
WGS 534Gender and the Law (AERM, SJ)3
WGS 536Gender, Globalization and Women's Human Rights (GP, SJ)3
WGS 562History of African American Women (AERM, SJ)3
WGS 563Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of Mobility (GP) (effective Spring 2017)3
WGS 593Gender, Health, and the Environment (ES, GP)3
WGS 621Feminist Theories (AERM, GP, SJ)3


AERM: American Ethnic and Racial Minorities
ES: Environmental Sustainability
GP: Global Perspectives
LLD: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (Area E)
SJ: Social Justice