Sutro Egyptian Collection

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The Sutro Egyptian Collection, under the auspices of the Museum Studies Program, College of Liberal & Creative Arts, consists of approximately seven hundred artifacts from ancient Egypt, spanning 5,000 years, from Pre-dynastic to Greco-Roman times. A beautifully painted, triple-nesting mummy set is one of the highlights. The Museum Studies Program makes use of this unique collection to give students first-hand learning experiences in curatorial activities, museum exhibit design, restoration, conservation, and authentication. The Sutro Egyptian Collection is used in two extensive outreach programs to elementary and middle schools in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. Students in the Museum Studies Program develop educational programming, teachers' workshops, and school tours of the Sutro Egyptian Collection. These programs reach over 1,000 children each semester.

Students at SF State can work with these ancient Egyptian artifacts—pottery, jewelry, mummies, funerary model boats, statuettes, scarabs, and many other objects of daily life. The collection serves as a basis for several courses, such as the following courses, which are open to all students, offering opportunities to do research and to design and produce the yearly public exhibitions.

M S 710Museum Education and School Outreach3
M S 730Museum Exhibition Planning and Design3
M S 740Museum Conservation and Restoration1
M S 760Preservation of Natural History and Cultural Collections3
M S 810Museums in the Digital Age3

Visiting scholars, Bay Area students, and faculty use this unique collection for study and research. The Sutro Egyptian Collection is located in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts. For information, call 415-405-0599.