Centers and Institutes in the College of Business

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CampusIT Solutions

The purpose of the center is to prepare students to assume effective and responsible careers in information technology. Campus IT Solutions is focused on delivering professional mentoring and augmenting classroom education with “real world” hands-on experience to students who aspire to careers in information technology. The mission of Campus IT Solutions is to support industry in improving the value and quality of information technology solutions.

Center for Electronic Business

The mission of the Center for Electronic Business (CEB) is to promote interaction among students, faculty, and practitioners that results in the sharing of knowledge, experience, and expertise in electronically-based business activities, and to foster cooperation and collaboration among participants through joint applied research, sharing of best practices, student internships, and related programs. The CEB views electronic business as all business activities conducted electronically, and as such it supports all areas of a business including finance, marketing, accounting, production/operations, human resource management, and management. Among its activities the CEB sponsors conferences and workshops, organizes research seminars and presentations, sponsors research projects, publishes research results, and coordinates student internships in electronic business.

Ohrenschall Center for Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the center is to study and promote the enterprising activities of individuals. Such enterprising activities include risk taking, the formation of new businesses, innovation, entrepreneurship, championing, organizing, and creativity. The center supports efforts in the College of Business to expand courses and programs in entrepreneurship and works with faculty from other colleges to develop courses and programs involving entrepreneurial facets of specific disciplinary perspective that involve faculty from across the University.