Educational Outreach Programs and Services

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Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at SF State University has improved access and retention of historically underserved (low income, first generation college) students by facilitating their matriculation into SF State and by providing a support system for their success. EOP is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with outreach, admissions, academic, and financial support. Students receive on-going advising, tutoring, mentoring and workshops designed to increase retention and graduation rates.

California residents and eligible AB540 students who meet the income eligibility index and are first-generation college students can apply for EOP during the Fall admissions cycle.

EOP Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge Program is an eight-week non-residential academic program that facilitates the transition from high school to the university. Participants are provided with an opportunity to adjust to the university environment and are introduced to an extensive educational support service network. The program allows participants to formulate a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to EOP and the university.

Summer Bridge participants will have the opportunity to complete the Early Start Program requirements during the eight-week Summer Bridge Program.

After completing the Summer Bridge Program, participants will have developed practical study skills to enhance academic success and a working knowledge of the resources, services, and structure of the university community.

EOP Contact Information: Phone: 415-338-1085 Email: Web:

Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)

The Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) is a comprehensive program of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), in collaboration with the School of Social Work which serves former foster care youth who are pursuing their undergraduate degrees.

Through advocacy, support and empowerment , the Guardian Scholars Program creates a vibrant community to engage current and former foster youth to attain college degrees, stable housing and career path employment. The program is committed to graduating and empowering these young people to become self-supporting community leaders and to become competent professionals in their fields of interest.

GSP Contact Information: Phone: 415-405-0546 Email: Web:

Student Support Services (SSS)

Student Support Services (SSS) TRiO is a comprehensive program of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), and funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education. SSS was created to increase the retention and graduation rates of 160 low-income, first generation college students and students with disabilities by attending mandatory weekly group tutoring, bi-weekly academic and career advising, monthly study skills workshops, and career and graduate school fairs.

SSS Contact Information: Phone: 415-338-2312 Email: Web:

Mesa Engineering Program (MEP)

Students can find a strong base of support while pursuing their degrees in SF State’s School of Engineering. This support came about to assist historically under-represented but motivated students who chose to major in engineering. The School of Engineering introduced the MESA Engineering Program (MEP) in 1985.

MEP recruits and retains students in SF State’s engineering program and provides career planning and assistance services. Throughout their studies, the women and men in the program receive academic support, and personal and academic counseling to keep them on track toward their degrees. Success in engineering requires strong foundations in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, chemistry, and physics. The MEP is here to assist.

MEP helps participating students graduate and enter the job market with the skills and confidence they need to succeed as engineers. Often alumni professionals augment the program by serving as primary role models and mentors for students who are beginning to plan their futures.

Students are encouraged to apply for admission to the MEP program. Space, resources, and certain types of assistance may be limited; however, all students are encouraged to contact the MEP for information. All applicants must satisfy the general requirements for admission to SF State.

Step to College

The Step to College (STC) Program is a collaborative effort among high schools and the Colleges of Education and Ethnic Studies. STC students are high school seniors who take courses in critical thinking skills, computer skills, and other college preparatory courses for which they receive up to twelve (12) units of transferable credit. The courses are taught by SF State faculty who familiarize students with the format and structure of university courses. Students who participate in the program also receive help filling out university applications for admissions and financial aid, and when possible, scholarship support.

Step to College increases the high school graduation rates of disadvantaged minority students, helps them make a successful transition to higher education, and increases the college/university retention rates.

Student Outreach Services

Student Outreach Services (e-mail:, or call 415-338-2355) serves as university liaison with other educational institutions and agencies, teachers, counselors, parents, and prospective students. It disseminates information concerning admissions, majors, programs, policies, and procedures. It conducts pre-admissions sessions during high school and community college visitations.

Among other responsibilities, the office participates in educational equity projects, facilitates the EOP application process, and coordinates the operation of the overall university outreach program.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans, dependents of veterans, reservists, and active duty military personnel planning to use their veterans educational benefits, or any student with questions concerning veterans benefits, should contact the Veterans Certification Desk, phone 415-338-2336.