Minor in Computer Science

This is an archived copy of the 2016-2017 bulletin. To access the most recent version of the bulletin, please visit bulletin.sfsu.edu. Any changes will appear on our errata page.

Many university students want to acquire sufficient computer science background to enable them to use computers effectively in their major areas, or to provide an alternative source of income after graduation, but do not want to study computer science in the depth required for the B.S. degree. For such students, a minor consisting of the most central courses in the B.S. program, plus some electives, is ideal. Students are advised that CR/NC grades are not acceptable in courses to be counted for the Computer Science Minor.

The Minor in Computer Science has 15 units of prerequisites that are not included in the 21 units as indicated for the minor below. Please review course descriptions for prerequisite courses and consult with a computer science department advisor for further information.

Computer Science Minor — 21 units

Program Requirements (15 units)

CSC 210Introduction to Computer Programming3
CSC 220Data Structures3
CSC 256Machine Structures3
CSC 340Programming Methodology3
CSC 413Software Development3

Electives (6 units)

Upper division computer related electives by approval of the minor advisor