Master of Science in Biomedical Science: Concentration in Stem Cell Science

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Graduate advisors: L. Chen (Director), Romeo, Goldman, Domingo, Pasion, J. Chen, Chu, Burrus, Denetclaw, Roy

Biomedical Science (M.S.) — 30 - 33 units

Core Requirements (10 units)

BIOL 716Skills for Scientific Proposal Writing2
or BIOL 891 Biomedical Research Design
BIOL 803Core Concepts of Biotechnology3
BIOL 871Colloquium in Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology2
BUS 788Management Principles and Organizational Behavior3

Concentration Requirements (11 - 14 units)

Approved graduate courses on advisement by program director/faculty advisor.

Culminating Experience (9 units)

BIOL 890Cooperative Internship (2-3 unit course to be take for 6 units)6
BIOL 895Research Project4

 Recommended Concentration Courses: (Academic Year 2015 - 2016)

Concentration in Stem Cell Science

BIOL 763Molecular Biology of Cancer2
BIOL 765Biomedical Immunology Advanced Topics2
BIOL 782Developmental Biology3
BIOL 784Biomedical Virology Applications3
BIOL 793Advances in Biomedical Hematology2
BIOL 849Bioethics3
BIOL 861Advances in Cell and Molecular Biology2
BIOL 881Seminar: Cell and Molecular Biology1
BIOL 896Directed Reading1