Minor in Persian Studies

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Program of Study


PRSN 101 and PRSN 260 are required, though PRSN 101 will be waived for students who can demonstrate proficiency in the fundamental skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing Persian.

Students who take PRSN 101 will select two additional courses from a list of three core courses and students who test out of PRSN 101 will take all three of those courses. Students also complete two courses chosen from the list of elective courses or other courses approved by a minor advisor. At least one course must focus on pre-Islamic periods (indicated by 1) and at least one course must cover post-Islamic periods.

Persian Studies, Minor — 18 - 22 units

Core Courses (12 - 14 units)

PRSN 101First Semester Persian5
PRSN 260Persian Culture and Civilization in English 13
Students who have completed PRSN 101 will choose two courses from the following list of three courses; students who have tested out of PRSN 101 are required to complete all three courses
PRSN 290Introduction to Persian Literature in Translation3
PRSN 450Religious Traditions in Iran 13
PRSN 550Persian Culture Through Films in English3

Elective Courses (6 - 8 units)

Select from the following courses upon advisement.

CWL 430Heroic Tales of the Mediterranean3
HIST 604Islamic World I: 500-15003
HIST 605Islamic World II: 1500 - present3
HIST 606History of Iran and Afghanistan 1500-Present3
HIST 607Imperialism and Nationalism in the Recent Near East3
HUM 361Cultural Expression in Islam3
I R 323The Persian Gulf in International Relations4
MUS 530Musics of the Middle East and India3
PHIL 436Islamic Political Philosophy3
PHIL 517Islamic Mysticism3
PHIL 516Islamic Philosophy3
PRSN 206Basic Persian Conversation3
PRSN 250Intermediate Persian3
PRSN 350Advanced Persian3
PRSN 411Persian Media in English3
PRSN 500Introduction to Persian Literature3
PLSI 410Middle East Politics4