Minor in German

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The minor consists of 30 units of upper division coursework. Up to 16 units of prerequisite coursework or demonstrated language proficiency is required to begin the major.

German, Minor — 21 units

Select two of the following:
GER 301German in Review3
GER 305Advanced Grammar and Composition3
GER 335German Through Cinema3
GER 341Intensive Language Practice and Analysis3
Select one of the following:
GER 325Applied German Linguistics: Phonetics and Phonology3
MLL 325Linguistics for Foreign Languages3
GER 330German Language and Society3
Select one of the following:
GER 401German Culture and Civilization I3
GER 502Contemporary Germany3
HUM 375Biography of a City (Berlin)3
Select two of the following:
GER 510German Literature I3
GER 511German Literature II3
GER 55619th and 20th Century German Plays3
GER 613Weimar Literature in English3

Electives (3 units)

on advisement

Up to 12 units may be taken through the CSU International Program in Germany. These units must be upper division and must be approved by a German advisor.