Master of Arts in German

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The graduate program in German offers students a challenging and enriching course of study that encompasses linguistics as well as literary and cultural history from the Middle Ages to the present. Over the course of their graduate studies in German, students acquire a rich interdisciplinary perspective and in-depth knowledge of the literatures of the German-speaking countries along with the critical skills for literary analysis. The program offers many graduate courses in German. As a result, many of our M.A. candidates develop superior language competency.

Admission to the Program

It is generally expected that students entering the program will have a B.A. degree or equivalent in German: however consideration will be given to applicants with advanced German language competencies who have a B.A. in another field. These applicants may be admitted as conditionally classified graduate students and will be required to remediate or complete all deficiencies before attaining classified status.

To apply to the program:

  • Applicants must also have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Demonstrate advanced proficiency level in German
  • Submit an analytical statement of purpose written in English of approximately 500 words, stating the reasons for applying to the graduate program
  • Submit a sample of analytical writing of 500 words or more written in German
  • Provide one set of transcripts
  • Submit at least two letters of recommendation.

If you have any questions, please contact the program’s graduate advisor to discuss academic preparation for the M.A.

German (M.A.) — Minimum 30 units

GER 745History of German Language3

Graduate Courses (12 units)

in German

Upper Division/Graduate Courses (6 units)

in German language, literature, or civilization

Upper Division/Graduate Courses (9 units)

in German language, literature, or civilization, or in related subjects with approval of graduate advisor.

and Master's Comprehensive Written and Oral Examinations

The student is admitted to the oral examination upon passing the written examination. Both examinations may be attempted not more than two times.

Written English Proficiency

Students have to submit an analytical or argumentative writing of 3,500 words or more written in English, such as a graduate seminar paper. The writing will be evaluated by the German Academic Review Committee using ten criteria in four categories:

  1. structure/organization,
  2. conclusions grounded in theory and research,
  3. knowledge and understanding, and
  4. academic discourse which is comprehensive, logical, and consistent.