Conflict Resolution

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College of Liberal & Creative Arts

Dean: Andrew Harris

College of Business

Dean: Linda Oubre

College of Ethnic Studies

Dean: Kenneth Monteiro

College of Health and Social Sciences

Dean: Alvin Alvarez

Conflict Resolution Program

Humanities Building, Room 289
Coordinator: Christina Sabee

Program Scope

The purpose of this certificate is to learn to manage conflicting positions in various contexts and to develop constructive ways to engage in dispute management or conflict negotiation. Students may use this certificate to enhance their understanding of the critical role that conflict and its resolution plays in the world today. This certificate would complement degree programs in communication, criminal justice, labor and employment studies, ethnic studies, business, international relations, psychology, political science, and women and gender studies.

Career Outlook

Completion of the certificate contributes to a student's preparation for employment in such fields as counseling, criminal justice, diplomacy, education, government, human resources, international relations, labor, law, management, mediation, public relations, and social work.

Certificate in Conflict Resolution

It is recommended that General Education Areas A and B4 (formerly Segment I) be completed prior to students beginning this program. Students must pass a GWAR course before receiving the certificate.

Note:  Courses in the certificate may be substituted on advisement.  At least three courses in the certificate must have a prefix that is different from the student's major prefix.

Conflict Resolution, Certificate — 21 - 37 units

Core Courses (12 - 18 units)

Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Select 3-4 units of the following:
COMM 531Conflict Resolution4
PSY 547Social Conflict and Conflict Resolution3
Alternative Models of Conflict Resolution
Select 3-4 units of the following:
AFRS 660Civil Rights Movement and Education3
COMM 534Mediation Theory and Practice4
COMM 543Dialogues Across Differences4
ECON/LABR 511Collective Bargaining3
GPS/I R/PHIL 315Introduction to Global Peace Studies3
GPS/PHIL 375Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S.3
HUM 366India's Gandhi3
IBUS 659Introduction to International Business Negotiation3
I R 432Model United Nations4
Communication Skills
Select 3-4 units of the following:
COMM 502Interpersonal Communication4
COMM 521Group Discussion4
PSY 645Group Processes3
Conflict Resolution Internship
Specific course (3 - 4 units) to be taken for internship, with focus on conflict resolution placement, is made on advisement.

Area of Emphasis (9 - 19 units)

One of the emphases listed below.

Emphasis in Family/Culture/Community Issues

Select 9-12 units from the following or from the other emphasis on advisement
AA S 681Asian American Community Changes and Development3
COMM 503Gender and Communication4
COMM 515Family Communication4
COMM 525Sexual Identity and Communication4
COMM 542Intracultural Communication4
COMM 543Dialogues Across Differences (If not selected in the core)4
RRS 571Women, Class, and Race3
PSY 440Social Psychology3
PSY 441The Psychology of the Family3
PSY 455Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Psychology3
PSY 525Community Psychology3
LTNS 680Latina/o Community Organizing3
SOC 464Families and Society4
USP 515/GEOG 667Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Environment4
WGS 301Women, Gender and Community3

Emphasis in Legal/Political Issues in the United States

Select 9 - 19 units chosen from the list below or from the other emphases on advisement
AA S 595Asian American Communities and Public Policy3
AFRS 376Government, the Constitution, and Black Citizens3
AFRS 660Civil Rights Movement and Education (If not selected in the core)3
AIS 460Power and Politics in American Indian History3
COMM 461Issues in Free Speech4
C J 300Criminal Justice: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective4
GPS/PHIL 375Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S. (If not selected in the core)3
HIST 465American Ethnic and Racial Relations II: 1890-Present3
LABR/SOC 553Labor Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility3
LTNS 430Race, Crime, and Justice3
PHIL 335Law and Society3
PLSI 466Race and American Democracy4
PLSI 553Legal Issues4
PLSI 478Judicial Process4
RRS 600/HIST 466History of People of Color in the U.S.3
USP 513/GEOG 668/PLSI 513Politics, Law, and the Urban Environment4

Emphasis in Labor/Business Issues

Select 9 units from the list below or from the other emphases on advisement9
Collective Bargaining (If not selected in the core)
International Business and Multicultural Relations
Legal Environment of World Business
Introduction to International Business Negotiation (If not selected in the core)
Diversity in the Workplace
Labor and Government
Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Emphasis in International Issues

Select 9 - 12 units from the list below or from the other emphases on advisement
COMM 541Critical Approaches to Culture and Communication4
GPS/I R/PHIL 315Introduction to Global Peace Studies (If not selected in the core)3
HUM 366India's Gandhi (If not selected in the core)3
I R 330World Law4
I R 331Global Environmental Crisis4
I R 332International Criminal Law4
I R 432Model United Nations (If not selected in the core)4
JS/HUM/PHIL 501Judaism, Christianity, and Islam3
JS 560/I R 530The Arab-Israeli Conflict3
PHIL 435Human Rights in Global Perspective3
SOC 461Ethnic Relations: International Comparisons4
WGS 536Gender, Globalization and Women's Human Rights3
WGS 571Gender, Poverty, and Globalization3