Minor in Communication Studies

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Select three courses (12 units), each of which is from a different breadth area; select 8 additional units with approval of a major/minor advisor. With consent of an advisor, up to 8 units of lower division coursework in communication may be counted toward the minor. However, any course that is used to fulfill GE Areas A and B4 requirements (formerly GE Segment I) cannot be used to fulfill minor requirements.

Communication Studies, Minor — 20 units

Breadth Areas (12 units)

Select one course each from three of the following breadth areas:

  • Communication Diversity
  • Group and Organizational Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Language and Social Interaction
  • Performance Studies
  • Public Communication
  • Rhetoric and Political Communication
  • Research Methodology

Additional Courses (8 units)

Courses in communication on advisement