Minor in African Studies

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Students interested in this minor should see one of the African Studies faculty to choose the courses most appropriate to them. (Note: No more than 6 units may be taken on a CR/NC basis; no more than 9 units may be transferred from other campuses.) All students completing the minor are required to demonstrate intermediate level competency in a relevant language other than English. For specific information on how to meet the requirement students should consult with the coordinator of the minor program.

The African Studies Minor consists of a core curriculum of three courses which contain material and perspectives which reach across the normal disciplinary divisions of the University, plus 15 units of upper division courses taken from the following list, on advisement.

African Studies Minor  — 24 units

Core Requirements (9 units)

Select one from each of the following areas:9
Classical Africa
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Africa: Tradition and Transition
Black Diaspora
History of Africa
Contemporary Art in a Global Context
Modern Africa
Africa in Global Perspective
Modern Africa
Styles of African Cultural Expression

Electives (15 units)

Units selected on advisement with at least one course from each group and no duplication of courses that were taken as part of the core curriculum

Behavioral and Social Sciences
ECON 620Economic Development3
HIST 610History of Africa3
HIST 611Modern Africa3
I R 321Development and Foreign Policy--Africa4
I R 428International Political Economy of Food and Hunger4
I R 520Globalization and Development4
I R 540The Rich and the Poor Nations4
I R 632Regional Economic Communities4
Ethnic Studies
AFRS 300From Africa to Olmec America: Ancient African Prehistory and History3
AFRS 301Africa in Global Perspective3
AFRS 302Black Diaspora3
AFRS 305Ancient Egypt3
AFRS 411African and African American Literature3
Humanities and Arts
CLAR 500Ancient Egyptian Civilization3
CLAR 502Ancient Egyptian Language and Literature3

Language Requirement

All students completing the African Studies Minor are required to demonstrate intermediate level competency in a language (other than English), relevant to the area. This requirement may be met by completing the university entrance requirement of two years of high school language study, one year of successful college level language study, or by demonstration of equivalent competency.