Minor in Urban Studies and Planning

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Minor in Urban Studies and Planning

The minor consists of a three course core and three elective courses in urban planning and policy.

Urban Studies and Planning, Minor — 20 - 23 units

Core Courses (7 units)

Required of all students

USP 401GWSeminar in Urban Studies and Planning - GWAR3
USP/PLSI 492Research Methods4

Electives (13 - 16 units)

Select 13-16 units from the following:
USP/GEOG 433Urban Transportation4
USP/PLSI 480Introduction to Urban Policy and Analysis4
USP 514Sustainable Development in Cities4
USP 515/GEOG 667Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Environment4
USP/PLSI 560Urban Poverty and Policy4
USP/PLSI 580Housing Policy and Planning3
USP/GEOG 652Environmental Impact Analysis4
USP/GEOG 658Land-Use Planning4
USP/S W 660The Roles of Non-profit Organizations in Urban Life3
Approved substitute(s) with consent of advisor3-4