Master of Science in Kinesiology

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Admission Requirements

A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 units will be required for admission to the M.S. program.

A minimum score of 4.0 on the GRE analytical writing component is required for admission to the program. International students must achieve a minimum score of 550 on paper based TOEFL test, or 80 on online iBT TOEFL, or 7.0 on IELTS, or academic overall score of 65 on PTE (Pearson Test of English). The English standard must be completed prior to admission to the graduate program.

All students are conditionally admitted pending:

  • Completion of the required entry courses and/or the minimum 24 unit undergraduate equivalency.
  • Completion of all requirements of the Graduate Program.

No more than 6 units of graduate work may be completed prior to fulfillment of all prerequisites for admission to the program.

Upon admission, the department sends a letter to the candidate containing the name of the assigned advisor and classification conditions.

Written English Proficiency Requirement

The University has a requirement for written English proficiency that is to be assessed at two different points in a student's program.

Level One

Minimum 4.0 on the analytical writing component of the GRE exam.

Level Two

Completion of the written thesis or master’s project for the culminating experience requirement.

Repeat of Courses

Graduate students who receive a grade lower than B, including AU, IC, RD. RP, W, and WU, may repeat the course only once more.

Continuous Enrollment

Students are expected to continuously enroll in the University while working on the degree through the College of Extended Learning (CEL) until the degree is earned; HSS 499.


Opportunities may be available to work in the Kinesiology Department as a graduate student at San Francisco State University. Qualified students may apply, when available, to teach the physical activity courses, lower division lectures, and laboratory sections. Students may also apply for financial aid through the University.

The Master of Science in Kinesiology is 30 units and includes a core, an emphasis, electives, and a culminating experience. Students studying a specific emphasis, in consultation with their advisor, will select electives and a culminating experience that best meets their professional/personal needs. Final approval of the student's program rests with the graduate faculty. Students are expected to complete this degree in a maximum of 5 years.

Kinesiology (M.S.) — Minimum 30 units

Program Core Requirements (9 units)

KIN 710Research in Kinesiology3
KIN 715Research Designs and Analysis3
KIN 795Seminar in Kinesiology3

Emphases (15 units)

Emphasis in Exercise Physiology

KIN 740Advanced Exercise Metabolism 13
KIN 742Exercise and Cardiovascular Dynamics 13
KIN 746Clinical Exercise Physiology 13
KIN 755Exercise Electrocardiography, Testing and Prescription3
KIN 781Muscle Mechanics3

Emphasis in Movement Physiology

KIN 730Advanced Biomechanics 13
KIN 733Motor Learning 13
KIN 736Advanced Neuromotor Control 13
KIN 763Motivation and Performance3
Elective Upon Advisement3

Emphasis in Physical Activity: Social Science Perspectives

KIN 734Physical Activity Programs for Underserved Youth 13
KIN 763Motivation and Performance 13
KIN 766Sociocultural Bases of Physical Activity 13
Elective Upon Advisement6
Credential Students
KIN 750Curriculum and Instruction I: Physical Education (should be used instead of electives)3
KIN 751Curriculum and Instruction II: Physical Education (should be used instead of electives)3

Culminating Experience (6 units)

Select one of the following:
Independent Research in Kinesiology
and Master's Thesis
Master's Project in Kinesiology (and Elective Upon Advisement)

To apply for award of certificate, you must submit the Certificate Approved Program form to your advisor and Graduate Program Coordinator. You will need to pay a processing fee at the Cashier's Office before submitting the form and your unofficial transcripts to the GradStop Counter. For further information and to access the online forms go to: