Minor in Holistic Health Studies

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Holistic Health Advisors: Burke, Burrows, Harvey, Peper

A Minor in Holistic Health Studies complements many SF State majors, provides unique learning opportunities, and expands career options. Benefits to HH minors include priority waiting list for HH courses, individual advising with IHHS faculty and collaboration with others interested in complementary healing concept and techniques.

Institute for Holistic Health Studies

The Institute for Holistic Health Studies offers a Minor in Holistic Health Studies. The minor is taken in conjunction with one’s bachelor's degree and appears on the diploma along with the major. A minor in holistic health studies is an excellent complement to many SF State majors. It provides unique learning opportunities, a chance to explore or expand career options, and a way to improve personal health and well-being. Course content is interdisciplinary, examines human experience and health from an interdependent or holistic perspective, and focuses on practical, experiential learning in diverse areas such as stress management, autogenic training, East Asian medicine, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, guided imagery and more. Additional benefits to minors include priority wait listing for holistic health studies courses, individual advising with faculty, and collaboration with others interested in complementary and integrative health practices. The minor involves taking 18 units of holistic health studies courses – 9 units of core courses (Eastern, Western, and Global Perspectives), 9 units of elective courses – and 4 units of anatomy or physiology, for a total of 22 units (see description of minor below).

Holistic Health Studies, Minor — 22 units

Core Courses (9 units)

Select three of the following:
HH 380Holistic Health: Western Perspectives3
HH 381Holistic Health: Eastern Perspectives3
HH 382Holistic Health: Human Nature and Global Perspectives3
HH 383Chinese Perspectives in Holistic Health3

Holistic Health Emphasis (9 units)

Chose from any of the courses listed below:

Western Traditions

HH 205Relaxation and Stress Reduction3
HH 430Foundation of Biofeedback and Self Regulation3
HH 433Autogenic Training and Embodied Living3
HH 535Western Nutrition and Herbs3
HH 560Naturopathic Medicine and Personal Wellness3
HH 690Seminar: Psychophysiology of Healing3

Eastern Healing

HH 210The Dao of Well-Being in Chinese Tradition3
HH 420Chinese Body-Mind Energetics3
HH 530Herbal and Nutritional Principles in Chinese Healing3
HH 540Meditation and Imagery in Healing3
HH 545Imagery and Healing in Tibetan Culture3
KIN 136Hatha Yoga1
KIN 236Intermediate/Advanced Hatha Yoga2
KIN 175Elementary Tai-Chi Chuan1
KIN 275Intermediate/Advanced Tai-Chi Chuan2

Holism, Human Nature, Global Stewardship

HH 200Holistic Approach to Academic Success3
HH 290Promoting Positive Health3
HH 450Somatic Education and Holistic Health3
HH 650Anthroposophical Health Studies3
H ED 655Environmental Health3
HH 660Art as Healing3
HH 670Alternative Health Practices3
HH 680Holistic Health Internship Seminar3
HH 699Independent Study1-3
Human Anatomy/Physiology (4 units)

Completion of a college-level course in human anatomy/physiology.
(BIOL 100/BIOL 101 or BIOL 328are acceptable.)