Minor in Health Education

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The Minor in Health Education is an 18-unit program. The minor complements many major programs offered by other University departments and has been designed for maximum flexibility. Individuals must work with a health education advisor to select appropriate courses.

Health Education, Minor — 18 units

Required Courses (6 units)

H ED 210Personal and Social Determinants of Health3
H ED 221Health and Social Justice - Burning Issues, Taking Action3

Electives (12 units)

Electives in Health education from the following, Holistic Health Studies or related fields on advisement as related to student’s needs and interests
(at least 6 units must be upper-division)

H ED 200Global Health3
H ED 241Health and Social Movements in the United States in the 20th Century3
H ED 280Empowering Poor Families to Graduate Out of Poverty3
H ED 290Promoting Positive Health3
H ED 303Health Disparities and Sexual and Gender Minority Communities: LGBTQI Health3
H ED 305Critical History of Public Health in the United States3
H ED 315Drugs and Society3
H ED 320Contemporary Sexuality3
H ED 410Organization and Function of Health Services3
H ED 414Women's Health--Problems and Issues3
H ED 415Health Aspects of Aging3
H ED 417AIDS: Contemporary Health Crisis3
H ED 434Geographies of Health and Health Care3
H ED 450Policy Issues in Health Education3
H ED 455Community Organizing and Community Building for Health3
H ED 527Documentary for Health and Social Justice I6
H ED 528Documentary for Health and Social Justice II6
H ED 640Structural Inequities and Public Health3
H ED 650Training and Education Processes in Public Health3
H ED 660Developing Healthy Youth in Schools and Communities3
H ED 665Community Based Participatory Research in Public Health3
H ED 670Principles of Peer Health Education3
H ED 671Practice of Peer Health Education3
H ED 685Projects in the Teaching of Health Education3
H ED 699Independent Study3