Minor in Counseling

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Undergraduate Minor Advisor: Robert Williams Pd.D; rwill@sfsu.edu.

The Minor in Counseling program and related elective courses emphasizes student services in relation to a college campus. COUN 690 provides a broad overview of the entire field of counseling and COUN 691 exposes students to the department’s core value of multicultural human relations. The peer counseling courses (COUN 605 and COUN 606) offer an opportunity to actively engage the SF State student community on issues such as substance abuse and sexual abuse or assault. In addition, students are trained in basic counseling skills that necessarily include a great deal of self-awareness and self-examination. Furthermore, the department offers several elective courses related to the minor.

The Field of Counseling

Students are introduced to the counseling profession through an overview of the role and functions of counselors in career, college, marriage, family and child, school, mental health, and rehabilitation settings; historical perspective; professional identification; ethical considerations; and self-awareness.

Psychological Understandings

Students receive a general introduction to the field of counseling and psychological dynamics.

Decision Making

Students examine how individuals make choices and how decisions are made through self-assessment and evaluation by others. The study includes ethnic and cultural differences in the decision-making process.

Skills Training

The development of basic skills that include attending, responding, interpretation, and decision making. The training includes practicum experience in interviewing skills.

Multicultural Human Relations

This group of courses equips students with the intrapersonal and interpersonal insights, socio-historical knowledge and communication competencies necessary to develop and enhance their multicultural relationships.

The counseling minor requires that students take six courses (18 units) and 6 units in electives, with the consent of the undergraduate minor advisor. Courses used to fulfill a major requirement may be also counted to fulfill the minor requirements.

Counseling, Minor — 24 units

Required Core Courses (18 units)

PSY 200General Psychology3
S W 410Human Development and the Social Services3
or PSY 431 Developmental Psychology
COUN 605Peer Counseling Skills Seminar3
COUN 606Introduction to Peer Counseling Skills3
COUN 690Field of Counseling I3
COUN 691Multicultural Human Relations3

Electives (6 units)

Chosen in consultation with the department's undergraduate minor advisor