Education Minor Program

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Graduate College of Education

Dean: Judith Munter

Program Office: Burk Hall, Room 505A
Phone: 415-338-1031

Minor in Education

The Minor in Education prepares undergraduate students to explore and to prepare for careers as professional educators at the post-baccalaureate level. Courses are designed to include foundations of education roles in a variety of settings that include working with young children; students in elementary school and high school; and adults. Hands-on experience is a component of each course in the minor and enables students to complete some   or all of fieldwork requirements to enter credential programs following completion of a Bachelor’s Degree.  Students may satisfy both a minor and complementary students requirements through the 12-credit EDUC Minor. Mandatory advising is required, each semester. Advising will provide students with an individualized Road Map to assure that each student meets all requirements for the minor. Further, assistance and advising to complete requirements for application and admission to credential programs is provided to all EDUC Minor students.

Program Learning Objectives:

1.   Develop a social justice educational philosophy that articulates the role of educators as agents of change.

2.   Develop advocacy skills to build inclusive and supportive classroom communities for all students.

3.   Prepare future educators to apply culturally responsive pedagogy to classroom environments.

4.   Develop content appropriate instructional strategies that maximize learning for all students

5.   Develop interpersonal skills to interact professionally in educational environments.

6.   Develop and participate in scholarly research in teaching and learning.

7.   Explore and apply the arts as integral to a comprehensive educational experience

8.   Integrate multiple literacies into learning environments.

Minor in Education — 12 units

Education in American Society (3 units)

Select one of the following:
Introduction to Teaching and Education
Education and Society

Equity and Social Justice in Education  (3 units)

Select one of the following:
Teaching Diversity in the Classroom
Cross-cultural Education
Introduction to Disability
Or select an alternative course from the following, or other course upon advisment.
Contemporary Asian Americans
Chinese in the United States
Asian American Children's/Adolescent Literature
Asian American Communities and Public Policy
American Indian Ethnicity: Problems in Identity
Perspectives on American Culture
California Culture
The Artist in the 20th-21st Centuries: Cultures in Collision--Cultures in Fusion
Ethnic Studies: The African American and Western Racism
Geography of Ethnic Communities
History of California
Perspectives in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
Values in American Life
California Culture
Latina/o Families Narrative
Latina/o Art History
Transculturation and Latina/o Communities
Ethnic Relations: International Comparisons
Social Aspects of Human Sexuality
Gender and Society
Intracultural Communication
Queer Literatures and Media
Gender and Global Migration
Women, Ethnicity, and Social Movements

Teaching in Action (3 units)

Select one course from the following:
Teaching and Learning Beyond the Classroom
Dynamic Educators for the 21st Century
Or alternative course from the following, or other course upon advisement:
Directed Experiences with Children
Orientation to Teaching Physical Education
Community Fieldwork in Latina/o Studies

Professional Educators and Communities (3 units)

Select one course from the following:
Directed Experiences with Children
Hands on Undergraduate Science Education Experience
Art for Children
Bilingual Education in the U.S.: A History of Struggle, Resistance, and Achievement
Teaching Language and Literature with Elementary and Middle School Students
Alternative course from subject areas that include focus on teaching methods approved upon advisement.