Minor in Business Administration

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The Minor in Business Administration draws on business core courses to give a broad, non-specialized exposure to business. It is designed to provide entry-level employment skills for a wide range of jobs and help provide a bridge to the business world for non-business majors.

Business Administration, Minor — 24 units

Required Courses
ACCT 100Introduction to Financial Accounting 13
ACCT 101Introduction to Managerial Accounting 13
DS 212Business Statistics I 23
FIN 350Business Finance 13
IBUS 330International Business and Multicultural Relations3
ISYS 263Introduction to Information Systems3
MGMT 405Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior 13
MKTG 431Principles of Marketing 13

Students who earn a minor in business administration and decide to pursue an MBA or MSBA at SF State may use these courses to meet graduate-level foundation courses, provided they earn a B- or better in the class and have take the undergraduate course within five years of entry into the graduate business program.


MATH 324 is an equivalent to DS 212 for the purpose of fulfilling this requirement. Prerequisite mathematics capability for MATH 324 may be satisfied by MATH 227. Prerequisite mathematics capability for DS 212 may be satisfied by DS 110, MATH 110, or MATH 226.

Note: The ISYS 263 course requirement may be met by passing the ISYS 263 CLEP Exam. Students who pass the waiver exam do not need to take ISYS 263 but must take an additional course (upon advisement) to make up the 3 units.