Minor in Marketing

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Specialized Business Minors

These programs are designed to provide undergraduates with a focused exposure to a particular area of business practice rather than the broad exposure of the General Business Minor. As such, they can provide professional and technical skills needed for entry into specialized business employment for non-business majors or serve as an alternative to a double major for business majors wishing expertise in a second field.

Minor in Marketing

Marketing, Minor — 24 units

Required Courses (12 units)

ECON 101Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis3
MKTG 431Principles of Marketing3
MKTG 434Advertising Theory and Practice3
MKTG 633Consumer Behavior3

Elective Courses (12 units)

Select four of the following with the approval of a marketing advisor:
MKTG 432Public Relations3
MKTG 433Personal Selling3
MKTG 436Retail Management3
MKTG 440Advertising Creativity and Production3
MKTG 441Business to Business Marketing3
MKTG 443Sales Promotion and Publicity3
MKTG 469Digital Marketing3
MKTG 632Marketing Research3
MKTG 637Sales Management3
MKTG 644Services Marketing3
MKTG 649Marketing Management3
MKTG 675Brand Management3
MKTG 680International Marketing Management3
MKTG 688New Product Management Seminar3

Note: All electives must be taken for a letter grade.