Minor in Geography

Minor Advisor: Jennifer Blecha, Tendai Chitewere, XiaoHang Liu

The geography minor consists of a core curriculum of three lower division courses plus 12 units of upper division geography electives on advisement. These courses may be organized around coherent themes such as those described for the major. However, groupings of courses specifically appropriate to majors in other departments or programs such as Biology, Environmental Studies, International Relations, Earth & Climate Sciences, or Urban Studies and Planning are particularly recommended.

Students are advised the CR grade is acceptable in one course to be counted for the geography minor.

Geography Minor — 21 units

Core (9 units)

GEOG 101Our Physical Environment3
GEOG 102The Human Environment3
or GEOG 107 World Regions and Interrelations
GEOG 205Geographic Techniques3

Upper Division Courses (12 units)

on advisement