Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Roadmap

120 Total Units Required

Minimum number of units in the Major = 56

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
CHEM 115 General Chemistry I: Essential Concepts of Chemistry 5
ENG 114
First Year Composition (Area A: Written English Communication I A2 )1
or First Year Composition Stretch I
MATH 199 Pre-Calculus (Area B: Quantitative Reasoning B4) 4
Area A: Oral Communication (A1) or Critical Thinking (A3) 2 3
Second Semester
ENG 214
Second Year Written Composition: English (Area A: Written English Communication II A4 or Written English Communication I A2)
or First Year Composition Stretch II
MATH 226 Calculus I 4
Area A: Critical Thinking (A3) or Oral Communication (A1) 3
Area D: Social Sciences: U.S. and California Government (D3) or U.S. History (D2) 3
Area D: Social Sciences (D1) 3
Third Semester
CHEM 215
CHEM 216
General Chemistry II: Quantitative Applications of Chemistry Concepts
and General Chemistry II Laboratory: Quantitative Applications of Chemistry Concepts
MATH 227 Calculus II 4
PHYS 111
PHYS 112
General Physics I (Area B: Physical Science B1 and Laboratory Science B3)
or General Physics with Calculus I
Area C: Literature (C3) 3
Fourth Semester
CHEM 233
CHEM 234
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
PHYS 121
PHYS 122
General Physics II
or General Physics with Calculus III
Area B: Life Science (B2) 3
SF State Studies 3
Fifth Semester
CHEM 321
CHEM 322
Quantitative Chemical Analysis
and Quantitative Chemical Analysis Laboratory
CHEM 335
CHEM 336
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 3
Area C: Arts (C1) or Humanities (C2) 3
Area D: Social Sciences: U.S. History (D2) or U.S. and California Government (D3) 3
Sixth Semester
CHEM 340
Biochemistry I
or General Biochemistry
CHEM 390GW Contemporary Chemistry and Biochemistry Research - GWAR 4 3
Area C: Arts (C1) 3
Upper Division GE: UD-C (consider SF State Studies course) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Seventh Semester
CHEM 300 General Physical Chemistry I 5 3
CHEM 325 Inorganic Chemistry 3
Upper Division GE: UD-B (consider SF State Studies course) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 6
Eighth Semester
CHEM 327
Practical GC and HPLC (Major Advanced Laboratory Elective - select at least 3 units)6
or Biochemistry I Laboratory
or Computer Applications in Chemistry and Biochemistry
or Environmental Analysis
or Instrumental Analysis
or Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
or Experimental Physical Chemistry Laboratory
or Research
or Independent Study
Upper Division GE: UD-D (consider SF State Studies course) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 6
 Total Units120-121

Note: Complementary Studies: Students in the BA chemistry program will satisfy the Complementary Studies Requirement with completion of courses in physics and mathematics that are required in the major.
Students who have earned AA-T or AS-T degrees and are pursuing a similar B.A. degree at SF State are required to fulfill the Complementary Studies requirement as defined by the major department. Students should consult with a major advisor about how transfer units and/or SF State units can best be applied to this requirement in order to ensure degree completion within 60 units.

Note: All courses used in the major program must be completed with letter grades (CR/NC not allowed).

Note: CHEM 420 or CHEM 422 or CHEM 426 or CHEM 451 or CHEM 343 or CHEM 645 or CHEM 699 for 3 units (but not for 1 or 2 units) serve as capstone courses for the major.


ENG 114 can only be taken if you complete Directed Self-Placement (DSP) and select ENG 114; if you choose ENG 104/ENG 105 through DSP you will satisfy A2 upon successful completion of ENG 105 in the second semester; multilingual students may be advised into alternative English courses.


To avoid taking additional units, it is recommended that you meet LLD and SF State Studies requirements (AERM, GP, ES, SJ) within your GE or major.


 CHEM 338 may be substituted for CHEM 336.


 You must take at least one GWAR (GW) course.


CHEM 351 may be substituted for CHEM 300 and CHEM 353 may be substituted for CHEM 301 if prerequisites for CHEM 351 and CHEM 353 are met.


CHEM 699 and CHEM 470 may not both be used to fulfill the elective requirements. Enrollment by petition only.