Bachelor of Science in Biology: Concentration in Botany - Quantitative Reasoning Category III/IV and ENG 114

120 Total Units Required
Minimum Number of Units in the Major: 67  

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
BIOL 230 Introductory Biology I (Major Lower-Division Core) 5
ENG 114 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice (A2) 1 3
MATH 197 Prelude to Calculus I (Prerequisite for MATH 226) 2,3 3
GE Area A 4 3
GE Area C 3
Second Semester
CHEM 115 General Chemistry I: Essential Concepts of Chemistry (Major Lower-Division Core) 5
MATH 198 Prelude to Calculus II (Prerequisite for MATH 226, B4) 2,3 3
PHYS 111
PHYS 112
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory (Major Lower-Division Core, B1, B3)
GE Area E 3
Third Semester
BIOL 240 Introductory Biology II (Major Lower-Division Core) 5
CHEM 130 General Organic Chemistry (Major Lower-Division Core) 3
MATH 226 Calculus I 4
GE Area A 3
Fourth Semester
BIOL 355 Genetics (Major Upper-Division Core) 3
Select Two of the Three Following Sets of Courses (Major Lower-Division Core): 8-9
General Chemistry II: Quantitative Applications of Chemistry Concepts
and General Chemistry II Laboratory: Quantitative Applications of Chemistry Concepts
Calculus II  
General Physics II
and General Physics II Laboratory
GE Area C 3
Fifth Semester
BIOL 525 Plant Physiology (Major Upper-Division Core) 3
Plant Ecology - GWAR (Major Upper-Division Core)
or Wetland Ecology
GE Area C 3
GE Area D - Take Two 6
Sixth Semester
BIOL 337 Evolution (Major Upper-Division Core) 3
Select One (Major Upper-Division Core): 3-5
Biology of the Algae  
Biology of the Fungi  
Plant Taxonomy  
GE Area D 3
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
Seventh Semester
BIOL 458 Biometry (Major Upper-Division Core) 4
BIOL 500
Evolution and Diversity of Plants (Major Upper-Division Core)
or Comparative Anatomy of Vascular Plants
Major Electives (4-7 units) - Take as many as needed 7 4-7
GE Area UD-B: Upper-Division Physical and/or Life Sciences (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
Eighth Semester
BIOL 526 Plant Molecular Physiology Laboratory (Major Upper-Division Core) 2
SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Four 11
 Total Units120-126