Minor in Modern Greek Studies

This minor is temporarily suspended. Please contact the department for further information.

Modern Greek Studies Minor — 17–19 units

Core (8 units)

MGS 150Modern Greek I4
MGS 151Modern Greek II4

Electives (9–11 units)

Greece from the Early Modern Period to the Present
Select two courses from the following:
MGS/ANTH 316Contemporary Culture of Greece3
MGS/HIST 350Greece and the Balkans3
MGS/HIST 351Venetians and Ottomans in the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece3
MGS/HIST 352From Glory to Debt: Greece from the 19th to the 21st Centuries3
MGS 365Modern Greek III4
MGS/HUM 378Athens3
MGS/ENG 380British and American Travellers to Greece3
MGS 397/ENG 398Greek American Literature3
MGS/CWL/ENG 452Forster, Durrell, and Cavafy3
MGS/C W/CWL 465Modern Greek Poetry in Comparative Perspective3
MGS 470Modern Greek IV4
MGS/C W 497Modern Greek Literature3
MGS 555Introduction to Modern Greek Literary Texts3
Historical Antecedents
Select one course from the following:
MGS/CLAS 510/HIST 326The Byzantine Empire3
CLAS 410/HUM 401Ancient Greek Literature3
CLAR 420/ARTH 401Greek Art and Archaeology3
HIST 320Archaic and Classical Greece3
HIST 321Hellenistic Greece3
HIST 328Pagans and Christians in a Changing Roman World3
HIST 329Early Christian Church: 313-7873

Some courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should consult with an advisor regarding their availability. Additional courses may also be taken as approved by the advisor for the minor.