Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics: Concentration in Dietetics and Nutrition Science - Quantitative Reasoning Category I/II and Stretch English

120 Total Units Required
Minimum Number of Units in the Major: 71

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterUnits
ENG 104 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice Stretch I 1 3
MATH 124 Elementary Statistics (Major Core, B4) 2 3
GE Area A 3 3
GE Area C 3
GE Area D 3
Second Semester
BIOL 210
BIOL 211
General Microbiology and Public Health
and General Microbiology and Public Health Laboratory (Major Professional Requirement)
CHEM 115 General Chemistry I: Essential Concepts of Chemistry (Major Core) 5
ENG 105 Writing the First Year: Finding Your Voice Stretch II (A2) 1 3
PSY 200 General Psychology (Major Core, D1) 3
Third Semester
BIOL 212
BIOL 213
Principles of Human Physiology
and Principles of Human Physiology Laboratory (Major Professional Requirement)
CHEM 130 General Organic Chemistry (Major Professional Requirement) 3
CHEM 215 General Chemistry II: Quantitative Applications of Chemistry Concepts (Hidden Prerequisite for CHEM 349) 3
NUTR 253 Nutrition, Health, and Disease (Major Core) 3
GE Area E 3
Fourth Semester
BIOL 220 Principles of Human Anatomy (Major Professional Requirement) 4
GE Area A 3
GE Area C - Take Two 6
GE Area D 3
Fifth Semester
CHEM 349 General Biochemistry (Major Professional Requirement) 3
NUTR 353GW Foodservice Systems Management - GWAR (Major Core) 3
NUTR 357 Principles of Food Preparation (Major Core, UD-B) 3
GE Area UD-C: Upper-Division Arts and/or Humanities (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective 3
Sixth Semester
NUTR 453 Nutrition in the Life Cycle (Major Core) 3
NUTR 457 Management of Quantity Food Purchasing and Production (Major Core) 3
GE Area UD-D: Upper-Division Social Sciences (Consider SF State Studies Course) 3
SF State Studies or University Elective - Take Two 7
Seventh Semester
NUTR 450 Advanced Nutrition I (Major Professional Requirement) 3
NUTR 484 Medical Nutrition Therapy I (Major Professional Requirement) 3
NUTR 551 Nutrition Education and Communication (Major Core) 3
NUTR 557 Experimental Food Study (Major Core) 3
Major Elective - Take One 4 3-4
Eighth Semester
NUTR 550 Advanced Nutrition II 3
HTM 560 Hospitality Human Resource Management (Major Core) 3
NUTR 584 Medical Nutrition Therapy II (Major Professional Requirement) 3
NUTR 651 Community Nutrition and Assessment (Major Core) 3
 Total Units120-121